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The Complete Guide To Linen Suits For Men

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linen suit

linen suit

Suits are an excellent investment for both men and women. They can be used as a part of professional uniforms or for the office. Suits have even been known to help individuals improve their job descriptions. 

Though cotton suits are just fine, choosing to buy linen suits has its benefits. It could be a better fit for your body type or the ability to dress business casual without feeling like you're in formal attire. Also, with linen suits growing in popularity year after year, such garments are now available in many stores all over town.

So, what's up with linen suits, and why should you consider them? Find all the answers in this article!

Why Linen?

Linen's reputation as one of the most valuable and exciting fabrics in clothing is due to its unique abilities in hot weather. Although linen isn't always lightweight, it's still cool and breathable. Its low thread count also makes it more resistant to heat than cotton.

Linen wrinkles are normal, so learn to live with it. Even though the heavier and more textured linens are more elegant, they can still be quite beautiful. Linen is best for confident dressers. A blend of silk and wool can be a good choice if you have concerns about creasing or just want something more refined.


Linen - What to Look For?

The fabric of a good linen suit should be medium to heavyweight, with light-colored interlinings being preferable. The finest linen suits are hand-made in France or Italy and come with an impressive price tag. 

A good quality linen suit can stay in your closet for years and go with dozens of different outfits, one well worth investing in.

Linen is a very breathable fabric, and this buggy-lining allows for the air to pass through freely. Some people prefer fully lined suits, but these models are less comfortable during the hot summer months. 


Linen Suit - How To Wear 


Suiting is meant to make you look more professional, polished, and put together. But let's be honest, that stiff feeling of wool can dampen the mood. 

However, some fabrics can take the shape of your body better than your standard wool suit. Linen is one of them and happens to be a wise option, especially this summer.

You should avoid wearing a linen suit and a linen shirt together. Choose a tie with a pattern. It will enhance your look. 



Smart-Casual is one of those strange fashion labels that combine dressing up with bright clothing, which helps to emphasize a more relaxed approach. 

What separates smart-casual attire from intelligent and casual depends on the company you're in. Smart casual tends not to be as formal as bright. Still, it can provide a slightly more brilliant appearance than your normal casual wear.

If you're working in an office that adopts the smart-casual dress code, then read on to see what's acceptable under your new work outfit!



Keeping a relaxed and casual vibe yet still looking sharp is easier than you think. Linen is the sartorial equivalent of wearing a T-shirt, and when done right, it can be just as easy to pair it with. 

Unlike cotton shirts, linen feels soft and smooth against the skin, so you'll be comfortable even on your hottest days.


Final Word

Are you tired of wearing cotton? Does your wardrobe need an upgrade? If you think that you can't wear linen as your usual attire, think again. Linen suits are an excellent option for any closet. 

Made from a unique cotton/linen blend, linen suits are cool, breathable, durable, relatively inexpensive, and great for traveling. You can also consider getting linen fabrics from All About Fabrics and get them tailor-made to suit your style. 

What do you think about the tips mentioned above? Let us know in the comments!