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Useful business handy tips for the handyperson | How To Find People’s Addresses

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Find People’s Addresses

Being a handyperson is a solid business model. Especially in these times of post-pandemic, most people are preferring to stay at home and make their lifestyle changes. It is also leading to an increase in their interest in house related activities. And thus, the handyperson’s job is being a pretty handful.

find peoples addresses

If you’re from America, then you know you’re business is booming. 80% of the 137 million constructed homes are at least 20 years old and, 40% of them are over 40 years old. So, home repairs and improvements are definitely required. As more Millennials are buying homes, they’re planning to renovate them as per their taste and custom designs. 


By the end of 2022, home improvements sales are expected to rise to 465 billion dollars. Now that’s some renovating and updating going on! Amidst all of these, how would you improve your businesses visibility? Sure, the veterans in the industry need no introduction. They get work through word of mouth. But, the newbies need some extra push than such publicity. 


Here are some handy tips for your business to gain recognition,


Know your rules

Every state and every country has its own set of rules and regulations when it comes to labour work. For example, you cannot work as an electrician in the US unless you have a license for the same. This even goes to plumbing, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning work too.


How much you charge also matters. In certain states and cities, if the charge is more than the base amount then, you will be required to produce your license. Know your rights and responsibilities. You can find them easily on the Google search engine.


Email the new prospects

Nobody can always afford to create a website and maintain it. Especially, when you are just starting out in the industry. It’s okay not to have one. Then how to create the buzz amongst your locality about your existence? The answer is email search tools. 


The tool that helps you find people’s addresses around your locality in just a matter of seconds. It also comes with an extension to your LinkedIn account. So getting in touch over professional media also gets easy.


Networking and more networking

The more you network the more contacts you grow. It is ideal that you create contacts with the businesses that complement your business too. Having such connections is always a win-win situation.


There is nothing better than a referral. For example, for all of your HVAC work, someone who is in the real estate business can act as an ally. Or anyone who works in house rentals can suggest your name to the new owners too. That way, you can improve your business.


Create your niche

Everyone has their own spark and shine in the work. You might be just fine in carpentry but pretty great with electrics. Then showcase the same. Let the masses know about your strengths. However, it doesn’t mean you have to stop yourself from doing other regular chores.


Since you’re creating a niche, people will ask for your expertise pretty easily and will be ready to pay the extra price as well. Always remember quality over quantity. Providing quality service will fetch you more business in the long run.






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