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Top 8 Commercial LED Light Manufacturers In The USA

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It is important to install the right light that illuminates the space properly and uniformly to create a comfortable and safe environment. LED lights consume less energy than traditional          incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, thereby offering a good return on investment. They are the preferred choice for installing in commercial spaces like offices, roads, parks, parking lots, malls, etc. Commercial LED lights are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan. They shine brighter than the traditional lights illuminating the outdoor spaces perfectly which is necessary for safety            purposes as well as for maintaining the vibrancy of the place. Commercial LED lights have to be installed keeping in mind that they serve all the purposes, from accomplishing the safety motives to illuminating the space providing full clarity in dark.

We have listed the leading commercial LED lights manufacturers who have simplified the energy needs of commercial places, like hospitality facilities, parking areas, business spaces, etc. 



Global Energy & Lighting is a leading manufacturer and distributor of commercial LED      lights. Their proprietary, high performance, automated controls and energy-efficient commercial LED lights are suitable for places like parking lots, hospitality facilities, streets, intersections, institutions and etc. Global Energy & Lighting deals in a wide variety of commercial LED lights capable of illuminating large spaces uniformly. The precision optical design delivers uniform light distribution while top tier energy-saving LED technologies make GEL’s commercial LED Area and Site lighting the right choice for optimal illumination of commercial outdoor spaces.

Global Energy and Lighting has left no stone unturned in designing commercial LED lights suitable for commercial spaces. Integrated NB-IoT automated lighting controls, specifically known as Global Link Smart makes GEL’s commercial LED lights “smart” and unique. Integrated GPS makes remote commissioning a reality for this system which provides finite lighting control and easy access from anywhere. This wireless lighting control solution ensures the desired light levels are provided. Global Link Smart Lighting Controls not only make commercial LED lights smart, but also saves energy by illuminating only those areas where people are present. The lights automatically dim to a predetermined setting after a predetermined period of no movement of humans or vehicles is detected - upon detection of qualified movement they instantly return to 100%. This feature makes GEL’s commercial LED lights even more energy-efficient and the preferred choice of a technology-driven smart world looking for energy-efficient solutions. Moreover, GEL has not compromised with the commercial LED light design which goes flawlessly with modern architecture. 


2. Cree Lighting 

CREE is a global market manufacturer of commercial LED lights for both indoors and outdoors. Its unique designs have satisfactorily served the residential purposes of its customers, not leaving behind the commercial purposes too. The company not only focuses on making its products better but is also concerned about the climate. Commercial LED lights work best for saving-energy and CREE is not behind any of its competitors in developing energy-efficient, low-cost lighting solutions for commercial usages. Its products are designed in the best way possible. From developing simpler designs for street and roadways to lights for office use, CREE holds expertise in decorative commercial LED lights. 


3. Lumerica 

Lumerica is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of commercial LED light fixtures and lamps. The LED technology makes its product energy-efficient and helps end-consumers save energy as well as money. From commercial LED lights for parking lots to spotlights for residential and commercial use, Lumerica provides a multitude of products. Lumerica aims to manufacture and supply cost-effective commercial LED lighting products. It has been serving the American populace since 2000. Lumerica takes pride in using modular, readily replaceable components that lower the operating costs. An important facility that Lumerica provides its customers is the tools that help in determining which applications are best suited for LED lighting other than the commercial use. 


4. Acuity Brands

It is a leading supplier of lighting and building management solutions. It has operations throughout North America and in Europe and Asia too. Acuity Brands has the largest market share in commercial LED light manufacturing in North America. It deals in lighting controls for indoor and outdoor applications. Starting from residential, industrial, institutional to commercial spaces, it is all over the place serving a broad customer base. The products vary from emergency indoor lights to commercial LED lights for illuminating streets and roadways, parking areas,  and underwater areas.


5. TCP

TCP is a lighting manufacturing company that has been providing its services to the light industry for many years now. It caters to both residential as well as commercial LED lighting needs. From design to distribution, TCP controls every stage of the production process. Its products are energy-efficient and are making an impact on reducing the global carbon footprint. It deals with a wide variety of commercial LED lighting solutions. If you require lighting for your home or for commercial outdoor spaces, TCP comes to the aid. Being a member of a number of professional lighting associations that are committed to making relevant changes in the lighting industry by educating the public and businesses of the importance of the energy-efficient lighting solution, Lumerica has dedicated itself to developing energy-efficient products.


6. Flex Lighting

Flex lighting is in the business over the past 10 years. It was originally created as Film Lighting Experts. Its commercial LED lights are known for their high performance and design. Flex lighting has pushed all boundaries to develop the world's thinnest LED lighting system. The thermal management technique and its focus on high-quality components separate Flex lighting from its competitors. Using Flex Lights for commercial LED lighting solutions has allowed the end-users to meet their energy-saving targets which have proved beneficial for reducing their energy costs. The company also provides a guarantee of 5 years on its lumen maintenance which makes all the difference.


7. GE Lighting

It has been in the lighting industry for over 130 years now and is known to provide intelligent commercial LED lighting solutions. Its parent company aims at providing the best smart home experience, including new and exciting advances in intelligent lighting solutions designed to enhance lifestyle and wellness. Its products are called intelligent for a reason. They save energy, money, and provide ultimate customer satisfaction. The company is committed to innovate and bring exceptional values and reliability to its retail partners as well as its customers. It takes pride in continuously innovating new technology and working towards improving the illuminating experience of homes and commercial spaces. 


8. Hubbell Inc

Hubbell Inc is a leading manufacturer of electronic products for residential and commercial applications. It began its journey in the late 1800s and has been serving the market since then. It deals in a variety of products which include data and communication tools, electronic products, and LED lights both for residential and commercial purposes. Its commercial LED lights are energy-efficient and are built for the best consumer experience. The company’s success is based on its values. It believes in serving its customers in the best manner possible, giving them a myriad of options to choose from. They understand their needs and are first to address their issues. The company has always worked towards delivering high-quality and sustainable lighting products and caters to businesses, homeowners, utilities, etc. 







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