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8 Types Of Low Maintenance Ground Covers For Your Garden

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To maintain a lush lawn and a vibrant garden requires money, time, and effort. Whether you pay a landscaper to do it or you do it yourself. One of the ways that you can cut back on the resources and energy you put in your garden is to add ground covers into the landscape. Since there are many of them, you can ask your landscaper to choose one for you or to share with you the options available. Also, you do not want to put a groundcover that will be too costly to maintain. Below are 8 types of low maintenance ground covers for your garden that you can try out. 

1. Heuchera 

Choose the heuchera for its vibrant foliage. That has different colors ranges from silver to brown to green. As an evergreen perennial, it will fit perfectly in most gardens. The leaves have a spread of up to 24 inches, and most of the heuchera plants bloom in the late spring period. Many gardeners love planting the heuchera along the garden edges or in groups as they fit well as a ground cover in that way. It prefers full sun or partial shade and well-draining moist soil. Plus, it is a low maintenance plant, and it resists various kinds of critters such as deer. 


2. Creeping phlox

garden colorful flowers

garden colorful flowers

Creeping phlox makes a good ground cover and is among the few ground covers that look beautiful in spring. This plant is in a beautiful star shape and its of pastel color. It produces an explosion of fragrance, and it matures at a height of six inches tall. Most gardeners prefer to plant it along the top of a retaining wall or on a slope. In this way, you can easily appreciate its beauty instead of having to stand directly over the plant to see it well, for it looks beautiful from the top down. Because of this, many gardeners use the creeping phlox to define the borders of garden paths. Plus, as long as the location gets full sun and has good drainage the creeping phlox will thrive. Otherwise, it is a low maintenance ground cover that you can try out. 


3. Creeping thyme 

This ground cover is one of the most popular ground covers among many gardeners. This plant checks off all the boxes for the gardener and much more. The soft and aromatic creeping thyme grows not more than four inches tall. It is best to plant it between pavers or if you need to replace your grass entirely. Since it can endure being stomped and stepped on, it can withstand drought-like conditions and full sun. However, it is preferable to moderate climates. It is a smart option if you need a ground cover that controls weed and is a deer repellant. On the other hand, it attracts bees and butterflies. Also, since it lasts for up to six years, by this time, you can harvest it as herbs.  


4. Honeysuckle 



When you have the honeysuckle as your ground cover, you will lure butterflies, hummingbirds, and other wildlife to your garden. Plant this aromatic honeysuckle that blooms with yellow, red, and white flowers during spring and summer. Not only are they good ground covers to have, but you can position this perennial to grow vertically along the trellises as many gardeners do. It is a low maintenance plant. It does best in moist soil, full sun, and it is a plant resistant to heat. 


5. Creeping jenny 

Probably you have seen a creeping jenny covering a hillside or hanging from a planter. You can tell a creeping jenny due to its trailing branches. As it grows, the creeping jenny takes on a green fountain-like appearance wherever you plant them. The creeping jenny asks little of the gardener in terms of care and maintenance, aside from good exposure to sunlight. Since there is no need to replant every season, deadhead branches that have lost their vibrancy, are useful to naturally resist a hungry deer. 


6. Stonecrop 



If you have a garden that does not seem to thrive with grass, planting the stonecrop ground cover is an easy way to have an evergreen carpet. Do not allow its lush leaves to fool you that they need a lot of water. This ground cover can take root and thrive in a dry and rocky place with much ease. Because of that, it earns its name the “stonecrop." So, with the little water that it receives, its fleshy blue-green leaves retain it and thrive in this dry area. The maintenance that it needs is to weed and mulch around it to avoid any sprouts from stealing water from this low maintenance succulent. In this way, you can enjoy its yellow buds when it blooms in spring. 


7. Brass buttons

This ground cover stands out due to its serrated fern-like leaves. Although it is named so due to the color and shape of their flowers, it succumbs to drought. However, when you plant it in moist soil, they spread vigorously and are strong and thick enough that they can withstand regular foot traffic. Ensure your climate supports this groundcover, to have it remain evergreen and beautiful. In areas that experience cold months, it loses its leaves. Even so, it is still low maintenance.


8. Lamium 



Lamium prevails even in the most unforgiving conditions. It is a vining plant that is also known as dead nettles. It can tolerate drought, heat, cold, and it is deer resistant. As you choose Lamium, it has over 40 species, but the best is those that are flowering perennials. It thrives all year round, and it is a low maintenance plant as well that has beautiful blooms in summer and spring. Also, it spreads quickly, and all you have to do is to cut it back when it begins to encroach on other flowers and shrubs. Plant this if you need to add color to your garden without too much work.







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