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Common Causes Of Sewer Gas Odor After Shower

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An odor after using the shower is a sign that something is wrong with the drain vent or the drain. 

If you notice the odor, you should start looking for the cause of the problem and deal with it right away.

To diagnose the problem, remove the possible origins of the sewer smells by examining the drain for typical problems. 

If you know basic information about home plumbing, then you should diagnose some issues that may affect your plumbing system. If not simply check Lake Dallas plumbing company to help you with your plumbing problem.

Listed below are the common plumbing issues:

Clogged Drains

Upon noticing the sewer odor after using the shower, examine if there is clogged drainage. Clogged drains are a common cause of sewer odor. When your drain is clogged, the water will not run easily. 

To prevent it from happening again, ensure that the drain stays useful at all times. 

Examine if the drain is functioning well by flushing the toilet, check the shower and tub if it is draining well, and run the water down the sink.

If the water didn't run smoothly, then you probably have a clogged drain.


What Causes Clogs in the Shower?

Drain clogs are a common issue because various factors can easily add to clogs, including:

  • Soap residue
  • Hair
  • Mineral deposits
  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Small items

Most clogs will comprise a mixture of these items. For example, soap residue can bind with a wad of hair to form a more solid blocking. If you speculate you may have a clog, it is a good idea to try to clear it and see if this fixes your odor problem.


Shower Trap

The shower drainage must have a working drain trap. Even the sinks require a working drain trap.

The drain trap is an elbow-shaped pipe that is set up between the drainage and the main sewer line. The trap works by holding the water after flushing the drain. Make sure your shower drain has a drain. And, ensure if it's set up accurately.


Drain Vent

A household drain must be connected to a functional drain vent. It consists of a pipe that runs through the attic or roof. The top part of the pipe is open to let the air into the drain. 

The air stops wastewater from making a vacuum within the drainage, whereby stopping the wastewater from backing up. Nonetheless, it gets clogged due to the buildup of residue or debris. You can easily tell if the drain vent is clogged. To do this, access the vent from the roof and use a garden hose to unclog it. Then, turn on the water supply linked to the hose to flush the drain vent. But, make sure that the water is running smoothly, not backing up. The clog must be removed. 


Cracked Drain Pipes

Damaged drain pipes can also result in sewer gases to back up in the bathroom drain after using the shower. If there is cracked, sewer gases will escape before the water does. Then, you will notice that the drain is leaking. Check your drain lines that may allow gas to escape.


Leaky Pipes

Another source of foul odor in the shower is a leaky pipe. It is a problem that needs professional assistance. Leaky pipes in your bathroom will let sewer gases to free. You may observe the shower drain smells like rotten eggs or sewage. 



Another common suspect for shower odor is biofilm. It can develop on your shower and in your shower drain. It leads to a dusty and offensive smell. If the shower drain smells like mold, there might be mildew or biofilm is developing inside it. The good news is, the repair for this problem is simple and not expensive. 


Popular DIY Sewer Smell Answers

For insignificant plumbing difficulties, you might try your hand at these Do It Yourself methods:

  • P-trap Sewer Smell Solution
  • A sewage gas smell may be coming from a seldom-used guest bathroom, which accounts for the water evaporation. It typically has the easiest of all fixes. 

Try This: Let the water flow through your sink or drain. It lets the P-trap fill up with water again and completely block those smells from coming to your home.

  • Broken Seal Sewer Smell Solution
  • When there is damage on the seal, or the seal lacks a caulk or wax ring around the toilet, it indicates water waste finds its way by the cracks. It allows germs and bacteria to grow. The bacteria cause a foul smell. The good news is, the answer to this problem is easy. 

Try This: Put a caulk around the exposed area. And your bathroom will be back to smelling good in no time. If you see that the problem is small and DIY is not the answer to your plumbing problems, it is likely the time to call in experts to manage your sewer odor problems. 


Sewer Gas Smell in House? Know When to Call a Plumber

Whether you are diving into an ongoing sewer smell underground or in your bathroom, it may be the perfect time to think of getting your sewer checked by professionals. They can suggest solutions like sewer repair or replacement. Both may need licensed plumbers and specific tools. 

A certified plumber can address these common lingering issues:

  • sewer gas smell in bathroom
  • toilet smells like sewer
  • sewer smell in basement
  • shower drain smells like sewer


Lex's Plumbing Is Your Local Plumbing Expert

Clearing out residue in your shower drain is not sufficient to repair the smelly shower problem. Call Lex's Plumbing, your local shower plumbing professional in Frisco, TX. If you are diving into stubborn plumbing problems, our equipped and licensed plumber will help you diagnose the problem and talk about the options for repairing it. You can Contact for emergency plumbing assistance or visit our website for your plumbing needs. It only takes a call away to fix your plumbing demands. There is no need to panic when you can call and trust Lex's Plumbing to look after the issue.

Emergencies are not the only time to contact a plumber. If you want us to inspect your plumbing system, call one today. This check-up includes no cost and no obligation. We are ready to help anytime. We make sure your plumbing system is up-to-date so you can prevent costly damages. So, enjoy refreshing showers without being disrupted by attacking foul odors. 







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