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What Plumbing Services Are Available During COVID-19 Outbreak?

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Staying at home and closing of non-essential businesses have paralyzed the lives of millions of Americans. Online classes and zoom conferences have become the new normal for many students and employees. Essential services stay open and others are closed. What if a plumbing emergency arises during the pandemic? Is it considered as an essential service?

Are Plumbing Services Essential Business during COVID-19?

Plumbing services are recognized as essential services during COVID-19. Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers issued the initial list of essential services and plumbing is one of those.

Even though it is an essential service, there are new guidelines for professional plumbers to work safely during COVID_19.

What Residential Plumbing Services are Available?

Licensed local plumbers are authorized to work on residential plumbing services as usual, but they need to follow the 6-foot distance and use hand sanitizer. If there is no emergency, it is suggested that you fix the problem on your own to prevent the risk of transmission.

When looking for a reliable plumbing company, it is important to always ask the right questions. The contractor must be offered free advice and be gas registered when working with gas-related plumbing & heating products.

Can a Plumber Service My Business While We're Closed Due to the Pandemic?

If your business is closed and may need a plumber to inspect it, do it while the property is vacant. Regular maintenance can prevent clogged drains and other possible damages.

If you live in an old house, you may want to watch a video inspection. Sewer pipes are usually made from iron, clay, and Orangeburg. Checking your pipes sooner prevents potential problems, before it creates costly repairs.

Even if you do not need plumbing services, plumbers encourage the business owner to do a regular inspection and maintenance on their pipes. Stagnant water may cause the growth of bacteria in the pipes. So, to avoid bacteria buildup, run the faucets and flush hot and cold water.

What Safety Precautions are Plumbing Companies Taking during Quarantine?

Professional plumbers take extra care to keep safe and their customers during COVID-19. The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) published a guide on how to minimize coronavirus exposure when rendering services.

Plumbers are urged to have a 6-foot distance and wear protective gear, like gloves and face shield to be worn over safety glasses.

All tools must be sanitized and must not be shared with other plumbers. With these safety precautions, people will be safe against COVID-19.

Stay updated on your state's regulations. 

As some states pass shelter-in-place and stay at home rules, the question of whether to resume home services may be clear- or more complex. Most orders say that only essential workers may go to work, and many hygiene and cleaning providers fall into this classification. In Lake Dallas, plumbers, linemen, HVAC service and cable, phone, and Internet companies are excluded from ordered closures. And regulations often change.

How Can I Schedule Plumbing Services?

If you have a problem that can't be fixed on your own, contact your local plumber and see what they offer. When choosing the plumbing service, choose the one which offers quality service to customers and prioritize your safety. We take this issue seriously. We follow the protocols given by the state. We make sure that our plumbers wear protective equipment to keep them safe as well as our customers. We put safety as our main priority mostly this time of pandemic. We also have payment methods to ensure contactless transactions with our dear customers. So, if DIY is not working at your home, we are the right people to help you fix your plumbing problems. Contact J Rowe Plumbing for more information. Also, you can visit our website for more services that we offer. 






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