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Saving Money On Plumbing This Summer

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Commercial Plumbers

Commercial Plumbers

Summer is here; it is a good time to check and repair any plumbing issues that you have. Here are some ideas to repair particular problems and save a little money on more significant repairs.

Inspect the Water Heater

Examining your water heater is among the significant actions you must take to prevent future maintenance. If water is untouched for some time, it can develop sediment, which may cause rust in the tank and result in leaks and other sorts of harm. If it has not been checked by a professional for 3 years, you should at least empty the water tank and remove the sediment. If you need help contact Dallas plumber to help you inspect the water.


Examine your Toilet

To see if the toilet leaks, conduct a food coloring examination by putting a few drops into the tank. If there is color after 30 minutes, there are leaks. To be sure, evaluate your flushing as well. If you have to hold the handle for a complete flush, then you might want to change your tank. It is not costly and will lower your water bill. 


Protect Yourself from Floods

Flooding can occur at any time, especially if there is weather disturbance. Having a flood alarm can warn you of approaching flooding as it touches the water; it gives you the chance to protect your house and belongings. Also, setting a support sump pump will provide more protection.

Another cheap method is applying the water for a slow water test. It is deceivingly difficult to track down, but it may not take you a lot of time. Still, contact a professional plumber to quickly assess your plumbing system. It will help you save time and cash.


Check for Leaks

Leaks in your plumbing can happen fast, even if it’s just a drizzle. This summer energy saving tip can be done during your yearly plumbing examination by a professional. But you may also see the problem before this examination. Pools of water in your home can point to a leak. A home inspection can also classify areas that are highly likely to cause future problems.

If you see any of these problems, it is necessary to call a plumber immediately. It can save you money on water as well as energy. Regular places to check include:

  • Under your sink
  • Around your toilet
  • Around your water heater
  • At your water meter


Use Cold Water More Often

This tip can help you decrease your utilities while keeping you chill. It is suggested that using cold water when you can, rather than using hot water in the shower or doing the laundry. 

Why is hot water more expensive? Because of the energy it uses to heat the water. About 90% of the energy your washing machine needs goes to heat the water.

Washing your clothes with cold water rather than hot water makes a huge impact on your wallet and your bill. It is also cool to wash with cold water after a long tiring day.


Upgrade Your Water Heater 

There are several reasons to upgrade your water heater. Number reason s the age. The older the water is, the more energy it consumes. Although you will need to pay for new appliances and installations, having a new energy-efficient water heater makes a huge difference. If your water heater is more than ten years, it is about to think of a replacement. You may want to have a traditional or tankless water heater; it depends on how big your family is. Also, it depends on how much water you use every day.

In addition, during the summer season, the temperature is rising and it brings an increase in water utility. It is assessed that a normal family's usage rises by 25% to 50% during the hot months. It also affects your plumbing and water bill. Here are tips to help you save cash and water during the summer season.


Decrease your water heater while on vacation

If you are on vacation for some days, lower the heat on your water heater to conserve energy. Talking about water heaters, the lifespan of it is about 8-10 years. If you are uncertain of your system's age, look at the last four digits on your tank. This will tell when it was manufactured.


Check washing machine hoses

During the summer season, laundry appears to be loaded, especially with children. Replace rubber washing machine hoses every three years. Spend some time to check the hose for any cracks, damages, or corrosion.  Doing this will help you prevent potential damage.


Install more efficient appliances

Think of replacing your older appliances with more energy-efficient products. Showerheads and faucets are commonly not expensive to upgrade with water and money-saving products.


Avoid clogged sinks and pipes

Summer holidays increase the usage of kitchen garbage disposal throughout the year. BBQs and summer events fill the summer months. To stop clogs, do not put huge items down the disposal. Grease and oils can stick to the drain pipes and result in blockages, so be aware of what you put down the disposal and drains. 


Water your lawn early in the morning or at night

The perfect time to water your lawn is either morning or at night. If you water it in the middle of the day, much water will be lost by evaporation due to the hot temperature. If you trees in your backyard, be conscious that the roots might cause problems in your sewer pipes. If you notice any damage, do not delay contacting your trusted plumber and check the problems as soon as possible.

There are many ways to keep money and conserve energy in the summer and all year round! Most of these summer energy saving tips are easy to achieve. And they’re sure to save a few dollars into your wallet.

Are you curious about more ways to save money this summer? Your plumbing may be the answer! One of our licensed professionals can visit to do an assessment that could cause more money for an enjoyable vacation this summer. Contact Classic Plumbing, and schedule an appointment!







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