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Common Ways To Lose Weight Vs. The Gastric Balloon System

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lose weight

lose weight

Obesity is more than being overweight. It is a medical condition where a person amasses a high amount of body fat with little muscle density. Obesity occurs in individuals with a body mass index (BMI) that is 30 and above. One of the most common causes of obesity is eating more calories than you burn daily.

When an individual consumes more calories than they burn, then they are at risk of being overweight and if they keep it up, it leads to obesity. Other causes of obesity include genetics and heredity, metabolic and hormonal influences. Beyond just cosmetic concerns, obesity has terrible health consequences and they include a high risk of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and cancer.

Treatment and Prevention of Obesity

Prevention of Obesity 

To people who don't understand it and have never experienced it, preventing obesity might appear easy. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as it seems. Controlling appetite, food intake, and exercising are some of the most common ways to prevent being overweight. However, these methods hardly work when genetic and health factors are in play. 


Treatment of Obesity 

For someone who doesn't have genetic or health contributors to obesity, one of the fastest ways to treat it is to maintain a calorie deficit indefinitely or use supplements like Bio X4. This goes beyond eating small meals. It includes:

  • Dietary Control and Regulation

A healthy eating habit greatly influences weight loss over time. Medical and nutritional experts recommend that overweight people should consume food low in calories like fruits and vegetables in high quantities while they consume high-calorie food in minimal quantities.

  • Exercise

Burning fewer calories than is consumed is one of the causes of obesity and lack of exercise and inactivity are the major contributing factors. About 150-130 minutes of exercise a week is recommended for optimal loss of weight because it helps increase the number of calories burnt. 

  • Weight-loss Surgery

Several surgical procedures help people lose weight. These procedures are known as bariatric surgeries and they reduce weight by reducing the food consumption rate in obese persons. Some of these procedures include Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Adjustable Gastric Banding.

  • Endoscopy and Gastric Balloon System 

Endoscopy is a type of weight-loss procedure where a device (stomach balloon) is inserted into the stomach through the mouth to control appetite and reduce overall food intake. The goal is to trick your brain into thinking you've eaten a lot of food even when you've only eaten a little. Gastric balloons are inflatable silicone-based medical devices employed in endoscopic procedures to achieve weight loss. They are relatively new to the weight loss industry but surprisingly effective. 

Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon 

Endoscopic processes are safe and have been simplified by medical companies like Spartz. Spatz3 is the only adjustable gastric balloon in the world developed to achieve optimal and sustainable weight loss transformation. Since it is adjustable, it can be reduced or increased based on the client's progress and comfort. 

The Verdict 

It's not always easy to stick to strict diets and workout routines when you're trying to lose weight. Weight loss surgeries are effective, but incredibly expensive and high risk. By opting for an adjustable gastric balloon, you can trick your body into adopting healthy eating habits.







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