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Your Ultimate Checklist While Moving In A New House

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moving box man

Are you getting yourself a new property? Or maybe you've decided to rent another place. Moving is daunting in any case if you don't use professional movers'', says Movegreen Ventura. Hauling your life from one state to another or even one neighborhood to another is an exhaustive process.

Taking a spin around your house could give you anxiety on what to clear out first. It might seem like all of your belongings are in use. And none of them could be wrapped up until the last day. After all, you need to survive in your current place too!

You can't dismantle your bed yet because you've got to sleep, and neither can you empty the refrigerator first because you can't survive on takeouts for long. What about the never-ending stuff that keeps coming out of those tiny nooks and corners that you had no idea about until the moving curse hit. You can't possibly throw out your graduation stuff or your child's broken baby monitor even though they are a teenager now!

We have a habit of holding onto scraps with even the tiniest sentimental value. Time moves fast and, these little trinkets from the past are your only connection to those beautiful memories. However, how to handle all of it during your move?

So, if you are on the verge of a panic attack, we've got you covered. Whether you have two months to move or a year, this ultimate moving checklist is your solution.

1. Select your Storage Space

Renting a storage facility becomes a necessity during your move, and if you're from California, you'll be undoubtedly aware of the challenges in finding a reliable facility. You might proudly own a lot of stuff or live your life as a minimalist. But in today's day and age, everything is available at your fingertips. Let's assume you want a storage facility near Solana Beach. All you need to do is search online for self storage Solana Beach CA and see for yourself the long list of options you receive, whether you want a small storage locker or an enormous spacious unit.

Why is a storage facility essential? Well, it is the solution for all your sentimental trinkets from the past that you don't have the heart to get rid of. And neither have no space for them during the move.

When you move to your new property, first take out the storage boxes that require quick setup and attention and avoid sifting through the mountain of storage boxes in your new place. So save yourself the hassle of swimming through storage boxes while still inhabiting your old place. Put your belongings into neatly labeled boxes as you continue packing and dump them all in the storage facility.


2. Organize- Spreadsheets or Conventional Journal

Let us face it; we don't have the memory of Sheldon Cooper. Maintain a journal or preferably a digital spreadsheet. Jot down every to-do thing that pops up in your mind and collect all your moving documents, receipts in a folder, so you don't forget anything.


3. Change your mailing address

An important aspect; that many overlooks are changing their addresses. You don't want to be late on your bill payments or your mails to go unanswered. You don't even realize how many facilities would have access to your previous location and wrongly deliver things.


4. Set a budget for moving

Moving isn't only tiring but heavy on your pockets too, aside from emptying the bank account during the house purchase or paying the security deposit. Your new home may need a few paint coats, fresh wiring, some woodwork, and repair. So, you probably want to hold on to the new tea table or that fancy dresser until later.


5. Cleaning Day

Dedicate time to give your new home a thorough wash before your final move. The previous owners weren't obliged to do the cleaning in preparation for your move. Have a look at all those tiny crevices. You wouldn't want to discover any creepy crawlies eating away at your furniture after the move. Schedule the cleaning company beforehand and air out the space.


6. Arrange for utility transfer

It must be high on your priority list. Make sure to check and arrange for electricity, water, gas. Inform the facilities about your move to prevent power outages or water shortages once you move in. Setting this up will help ensure the plumbing and wiring are functional or need repair.


7. Setup Connectivity- Internet and TV

Internet is a necessity and, nobody likes living without it. We can't go a day without the internet. No matter how busy you are, you'll always find yourself inching towards your phone for a quick Google search or an aimless scroll through the notifications and messages. Research for the best internet providers in your area and set up your TV and internet services a week in advance so the connections are operational and you don't get to miss a meeting or an online class.


8. Change the locks

One of the first things you need to do while moving is to ensure your safety. Avoid strangers trespassing your property. Who knows how many people have had the key to your humble abode previously? Get hold of a locksmith ASAP or change the locks yourself and keep your mind at ease.


9. Install fire alarms and smoke detectors

Healthy safety is a primary concern when moving. Fire alarms, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors are often broken or dysfunctional. You may not realize the immediate need to look into it, considering the million other things on your priority list. A minor kitchen mishap or toxic air quality may ruin your happy space and scar you for life. It is better to stay safe than sorry.


10. Schedule your move smartly

It includes the late pre-move stage and the immediate post-move stage. It is the part where chaos ensues, and you wish for superpowers to get your life in order. To avoid any panic and hassle, it is a good idea to take time off your work. Maybe, try for a week's leave or permission to work from home.

The times during and after the move are the most crucial in restoring some semblance to life and help in settling you down. The initial few days are not only wasted away in unpacking the mountain of boxes in your rooms. But it is also the time for installation and furniture set up. Hire in movers and packers. If you are short on budget, it is probably a good time to pull in your friends for a favor. Some extra hands can help you settle down quicker.


You are ready to go!

It takes time and effort to shape space into your cozy little shelter. Don't expect to make progress in your first week of the move. It takes time to settle down. You can always add a personal touch to give your space a homier look. Incorporate these tips to make your move less tedious and smooth.







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