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Commuter Bike Vs Road Bike: What’s The Difference?

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When it comes to choosing the ideal bike for commute, you have dozens of options to choose from. Some people enjoy riding beach cruisers and mountain bikes while others prefer road or commuter bikes. Though anything with two wheels will get you where you need to go, both road and commuter bikes are the best choice for making your commute simple and fast. Before you start browsing for women’s or a 500w electric bike, you need to understand what makes road and commuter bikes different.

The Riding Position

Road and commuter bikes put riders in completely different positions. This is because your riding position changes the speed and agility of the bike itself. Road bikes have a more aggressive position, allowing you to become more aerodynamic on the road. That means you’ll pick up speed more easily and with less physical effort. However, it does mean you’re less able to look around while you ride.

Commuter and city bikes allow you to sit more upright. You’ll still be able to get up to speed easily, but you’ll put less strain on your low back and wrists while you ride. This makes those longer commutes more enjoyable and keeps you from wishing you’d taken the car or bus instead.


The Tire Width

Road bikes are purpose-built for speed and have narrow tires with minimal tread to decrease the amount of resistance the bikes have on the pavement. This makes it easier to get up to speed, but it does put you at a disadvantage when riding over rough terrain. The thin, low-tread tires won’t grip wet or graveled surfaces well.

Commuter, city and comfort bikes tend to have wider tires with more aggressive tread patterns. This allows you to ride over rough pavement, unpaved roads and through puddles without issue. The added width also gives the bike a smoother ride quality which makes commuting more enjoyable.


The Additional Features

Though you can commute on any working bike, certain features make the journey more pleasant. City bikes and commuter-specific bikes often come with things like fenders and chain guards to keep your work clothes clean. You can also add things like panniers and bike lights to make the bike more usable. Many also have built-in suspension in the seat post and fork of the bike. This helps keep the bike stable and smooth even when you encounter rough patches of road. Road bikes are not equipped with those features and adding them yourself can hurt the bike’s rideability and performance.


Which One Is Best for You?

If you have a road bike already, using it to commute to work is doable. You’ll be able to get where you need to go, but it may not be the most comfortable experience. If you’re looking for the best possible commuter bike, look for one that’s built for riding to and from work. You’ll end up enjoying the ride more and will get to work with less muscle fatigue than you would on a standard road bike.

It doesn’t matter what type of bike you choose as long as you enjoy the ride and are comfortable in the saddle. Just think about the features you want and the riding style you prefer when you start looking for men's bikes for sale.



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