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9 Counties Where You Can Buy Cheap Land

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Are you looking to buy land, but are on a tight budget?

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Don’t worry, there are still plenty of places in the United States to find cheap land.

Below are 9 counties where you can look for affordable land.

1. Metcalfe County, KY

Metcalfe is a rural county with a sparse population in southern Kentucky.

If you are looking for an Appalachian getaway, this may be the place for you.

There are several caves and a few landmarks in the area, including The Cut and the Devil’s Den Cave.

2. Rio Arriba, NM

Rio Arriba County is located in northern New Mexico not far from the border with Colorado.

There are a number of parks and historic sites in the surrounding area, including the Puye Cliff Dwellings and the Bandelier National Monument.

There are also four national protected areas, such as the Santa Fe National Forest.

3. Fulton County, AR

If the south is more to your liking, Fulton County is in the Arkansas Ozarks.

It is a sparsely-populated county where many people come to retire.

Homes are affordable and the public schools tend to be highly rated.

4. Klamath County, OR 

Klamath County is a beautiful county near the border with California.

This is a region for someone who loves the outdoors since it has a plethora of state and national parks.

The most famous of these parks is Crater Lake, one of the deepest and most pristine lakes in the United States.

5. Sharp County, AR

For those who love the Ozarks, you have a second option: Sharp County.

The county seat, Ash Flat, is a paradise for those who love the outdoors.

Things to do in the vicinity include fishing on the Strawberry and Spring Rivers and hunting or hiking in the Alexander Spring River Wildlife Management Area.

6. Alamosa County, CO

Alamosa County is another great county for outdoor enthusiasts.

Located in south-central Colorado in the San Luis Valley, Alamosa County contains the largest alpine desert valley in the US with a number of scenic spots.

However, Alamosa is most famous for the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve.

As the name suggests, the Great Sand Dunes is a park full of towering sand dunes.

One of the most popular attractions here is sand boarding.

So, if you love adventure, Alamosa may be for you.

7. Navajo County, AZ

For the desert lovers, Navajo County is located in eastern Arizona in the middle of the painted desert.

It’s famous for the Petrified Forest National Park, where you can find petrified wood from a 200 million year old forest.

It is also a great place for backcountry hiking.

8. Valencia County, NM

Valencia County is another desert county with plenty of open range land and great views of the Manzano Mountains.

It is just south of Albuquerque, so you won’t be too far from a major city here.

The Manzano Mountains offer plenty of opportunities for hiking, camping and exploring as does the Cibola National Forest.

9. Luna County, NM

Another New Mexico County, Luna is a rural county situated in the high desert with plenty of outdoor activities, including walking, hiking and biking.

To the southeast is the Florida Mountain Range and the whole region is home to wildlife, desert plants, beautiful rocks and minerals and the remnants of the cowboy lifestyle.

The county seat of Deming has also historically been considered a healthy location, and doctors used to send patients from all over the US to Deming to recover from ailments.

But This Isn’t It

These are just a few of the best counties to find affordable land in the United States.

There are hundreds more out there to discover.

Keep up your search – once you are bitten by the land bug, you may want to start land investing for profit!

Author: Erika Benson, Co-founder at Gokce Capital

I am an architect by training and a former Affordable Housing Director for the City of New York turned full-time Land Investor. I used to help New Yorkers find affordable housing, now I help people around the US find affordable land!

I keep an active blog on my company website where I give advice on buying and selling land. I also have a YouTube channel with over 250 videos that provide tips for land buyers and information on our properties. Please check out my website to see more information on how you can sell your land.

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