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Creative Garden Design Ideas To Maximize Your Outdoor Space

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Creative Garden Design Ideas



Do you feel your garden needs some attention? Or does it’s size prevent you from working on it? An outdoor space with a small garden or patio may require more planning than larger areas. Smaller spaces will need some thought and creativity. Regardless of size, you can revitalize your garden just by adding small touches of color with new cushions, laying new garden turf or adding outdoor garden furniture to see the full potential of the space. When designed right, it has many advantages, the first being, is that it is easy to maintain. Even the smallest outdoor garden can serve as an alfresco dining area, meditation retreat, chic outdoor space to entertain your guests and family or serve as a haven to relax after a busy day at work.

There are multiple ways to turn your front or back garden to an intimate and tranquil space that will encourage you to spend more time with your loved ones. It can also reflect your personal style and tastes.

To help we have listed below a few creative garden ideas to maximize your outdoor space.


Layer new turf

An effective way to revamp your outdoor garden is by laying out new garden turf. Adding some green to your outdoor garden is an innovative way of improving the look and aesthetics of your space. Seek the help of professionals and check laying turf prices that best fit your budget. They will be able to supply the right kind of turf that will suit your garden and teach you how to properly maintain it throughout the year.



Use your wall space

If you have vacant wall space, make the most of your vertical space by adding shelves or horizontal panels that can work as a place to put smaller potted plants, baskets, or other trinkets you’d like to keep outside. This is a great way to maximize the space if you have a small outdoor garden.  Adding a simple wooden panel topped with potted plants can instantaneously liven up a drab wall.


Add outdoor furniture

Try not to be put off by your limited space and look into installing a half-sized table which can be used for al fresco dining or a workspace when you need some fresh air. Make sure to get a table that has been treated for the outdoor elements so it will be able to last through the changes in weather and seasons. Put in a few extra chairs or invest in floor cushions for when you have visitors around. Cushions are easy to pile on top of each other and put away when they are not in use.


Put a decorative rug

Find a decorative carpet or rug that reflects your style and suits your other outdoor furniture. Whether it is a new find at a store or an antique from a thrift shop, make sure it is sturdy and easy to clean. A rug can be an innovative way to give the illusion of space by outlining a garden layout. When placed under a table and a set of chairs it can define the seating and dining area clearly. 


Refurbish your garden shed

Look into refurbishing your garden shed by making it ready to do more tasks than just storing your garden tools. Make it multifunctional like converting it to an open garden bar for outdoor parties in the warmer months and a good place to put away your garden furniture in the winter. Add more shelves to the walls, baskets or a long cabinet for extra storage to keep things neat and organized.


Create a vertical garden

Install plants that can grow vertically. This is a great way to maximize a small garden space. Plants are rooted in a base structure that can be installed onto your wall. Visit your local garden nursery and inquire about the plants that can best suit the climate and wall you plan to make the plants grow on. You can choose from a range of herbs, grasses, perennials and fruit or vegetables.


Unwind in a hammock

If you like the quiet and alone time the ultimate form of relaxation is to have your own personal hammock. This works best if you don’t have too much space to fit numerous chairs and tables. A hammock installed under the shade will change the feel of your outdoor area and can compete with any beach resort or retreat house. This will be the perfect place to catch up on some needed sleep in your free time and take in the cool air. If you plan to hang a hammock on a balcony or porch you can find instructions here.


Paint the walls

Adding a fresh layer of paint to your walls outside can lighten and brighten your garden space. White is a popular choice because it has the magic of making small spaces look bigger than they actually are. A white painted wall with matching outdoor furniture can bring in a laid back summery charm to your outdoor garden.  If you prefer color, chose a tone that will best complement your plants and surrounding furniture.


Add more potted plants

There is no need to have a sprawling lawn to create a lush looking garden. Gravel can be a low maintenance option to serve as your pathway or flooring. Add different pots of different shapes and sizes of flowering plants, ferns or small trees. Incorporate it with some garden furniture and you’ll be able to relax and catch the sunset in your outdoor space.

In closing, be creative and have fun with your garden. Make sure it fits your aesthetic, creature comforts and personal budget. A nicely laid out outdoor garden space, no matter what size will inspire you to enjoy nature and the fresh air which we often take for granted in this busy world of ours.







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