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When To Repair Your Air Conditioner

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Repair Your Air Conditioner

 Repair Your Air Conditioner

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Air conditioning is a must-have during hot summer months, and is helpful during the cooler months, too. You probably have an air conditioning system in your home. How often do you check up on it? These systems are designed to work in the background – keeping everyone cool with no fuss – and for that reason it’s not something that need to be thought about. In Orlando, we rely on working air conditioning all year, making regular scheduled maintenance a must for any home or commercial property

The thing about air conditioning systems is that they’re constantly working. That’s not abnormal for an essential home system, or on a commercial premises. Any machine that runs 24 hours a day can be expected to do so with eventual maintenance. That maintenance involves many consumable involved; and eventually repairs and replacement will be necessary.

Have you considered what could go wrong with your air conditioning unit? Or when it may need maintenance or repairs? It’s worth looking into, because as we’re about to explain, there’s more to a malfunctioning AC system than only: it not keeping you cool!

 Repair Your Air Conditioner Steps

Common A/C Faults

There are a number of faults that can occur with air conditioning units which are quite commonly reported. Most can be repaired by an expert. It is essential you use a professional service such as the AC repair services at Lynn’s Winnipeg who are a leading name in the business - as these are not DIY jobs. Let’s get to the most common faults:


1: Refrigerant is Low

The refrigerant is the substance inside you’re A/C system that keeps it keeping you cool. Refrigerant can be one of many things, and an expert will be able to tell which exactly your system uses. The refrigerant constantly removes heat and humidity from the air in your home, or other premises. It is in a sealed system, so the most frequent cause of it becoming too low to function is if there is a leak (or multiple leaks).

The problem with low refrigerant is that before the engineer can replace the substance, they need to find the fault in question. Depending on the size and scope of your system, the leak (or leaks) could be in a number of places around the home and can be challenging to find. Time and labour are the expensive elements here - rather than the materials. If you suspect your AC unit has low refrigerant levels, get in touch with the experts right away.


2: Evaporator Coils are Frozen

The evaporator coils are the parts in the main air conditioning unit which absorb the heat. They are also full of refrigerant. These coils will only work properly if there is warm air circulating around them. Sometimes, a build-up of ice can prevent this from being possible. If so, the result will be that the coils cannot do their job. Meaning, your A/C will eject either warm air, or nothing at all. You’ll need an expert to diagnose this problem, and it can be fixed.


3: Condenser Coils are Blocked or Dirty

Every air conditioning system will have a unit located outside the building. This is the part which actually pulls the warm air out of the building – blasting it outside. This is done by way of devices known as condenser coils. When these become dirty – and they do naturally when they are exposed to the elements – their operation becomes impaired. This may stop them from working altogether. Ultimately, the result is that this will force the unit to work much harder that it should be. This puts strain on its inner workings and will likely lead to complete failure (and that’s a costly repair!). Check outdoor units regularly – a quick clean may be all they need.


4: Malfunctioning Fans

An A/C unit has at least two fans. One blows air over the condenser coils, and the other over the evaporator coils to keep them at the right temperature. As we now know, if these coils do not work properly, then the air conditioner will not function properly and the system will again have to work harder. Too much strain on the compressor means it will eventually fail. Check that the fans are all working and are not damaged.


5: Faulty Thermostat

 Repair Your Air Conditioner


Your air conditioning is controlled by a thermostat which sets the desired temperature you want in the building. If the thermostat is not functioning properly, then your unit could either be working too hard or not working hard enough. It could be as simple as recalibrating the thermostat and setting it at a different level. Or you may need a new thermostat entirely. However, this is one of the easier faults to fix. We still recommend you call in an engineer who is familiar with your unit. If you try to do it yourself, you can cause severe damage to the machine.


6: Blocked Drains

Your air conditioning system has drains. As the machine expels the heat which is extracted from the air, it condenses into water. This condensation needs to drain somewhere – via lines which are designed to direct it to your drainage system. If these lines become blocked or damaged then you may end up with a system that is not working to its full efficiency. This is a job for an expert – so get in touch with one if you suspect your AC has a drain blockage.

These are just a few of the problems that can occur with air conditioning units. There are several more you might come across, too. It is vital that you have the name and number of a reputable air conditioning repair company so that you can get a technician to visit when necessary.

A malfunctioning A/C unit – if not repaired quickly and properly – may cause water leaks which can damage your furniture and cause mold. It will also mean that the system is working harder to achieve the desired results, which means more energy usage (and can get very expensive). If you suspect you have a problem, it’s best to get a technician over there to inspect and diagnose the issue. And of course, get it fixed as quickly as possible.







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