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Things A Cordless Drill User Should Know

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Best Tips For Cordless Drill Users

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You all must be worried about how to clear your doubts and queries regarding a cordless drill. To buy something best is itself a challenging task in between a number of varieties of different brands about which one can get confused easily that what to buy or what to buy not.

 To choose wisely, we have written this blog especially for you to remove all of your doubts and to answer all of your queries related to cordless drills so that you can buy nothing but best.

What actually a cordless drill is?

A cordless drill or driver is the most efficient power tool which is used for drilling holes and driving screws onto tough surfaces.

 Cordless drills are best drill for home as it contains best lithium ion rechargeable batteries so that you don’t have to worry about tripping of wires or to look for a plug while working out door.

Cordless drills are really helpful for home as well as office maintenance, DIY lover, and also for those who want to make improvements in furniture or on walls etc.


Why should we buy a cordless drill instead of a corded one?

Cordless drills are best to work without the use of electricity. They are light-weighted and easy to control.  These are portable and are a good food as it doesn’t take much space like corded ones.

They are not expensive at all as compared to corded ones and can be bought easily in between 100 dollars which would be off course budgeted.

They have rechargeable batteries which also save your cost of buying batteries again and again. They are handy and faster to work with.


What are the general types of a cordless drill?

There are three main types of a cordless drill;

  1. Cordless drill and driver is the most usual type of cordless drill and are used for light weight construction and maintenance jobs.
  2. Hammer drill are known as the most powerful and heavy drill among all due to its heavy and hard labor jobs and construction works.
  3. Impact driver are not much commonly used drill type as its drivers are only used for screw as well as nuts tightening and for bolts loosening.


What features or specification we should look for in a cordless drill?

While buying a cordless drill, you should always look that it is brushed one or brushless. Because brushless drill is more effective then brushed one as it senses the surface resistance and adjust its power accordingly. Brushless drill’s motor works 10 times more than the brushed one which eventually increases its battery life.

 You should also check how much torque it can make. Because a good drill contains more than 400 in-lbs torque that will eventually makes your working easier.

You should also see that if it contains lithium ion batteries or standard ones as lithium ones work tetra times more than a standard ones. You should also check that how much voltage of its battery.

6V to 12V ones are considered light drills and can be used for light purposes. While 12V to 18V batteries are medium working ones as 18V cordless drill is considered standard ones and best ones. Then there comes heavy drills with 18V to 24V. It can be up to 30V as well depends upon its working ability.

Now coming towards its chuck size, the maximum size of a cordless drill bit that you can hold and work stably with is of 3/8 inches and of ½ inch.

Further, you should also learn about the weight of a cordless drill. The more light weight it is, the more it is easy to use and make your hands stress free even after a whole day of work.

If it contains a LED light or an extra battery then it would be a plus point. So, these all are the things you should take care of while buying the best cordless drill under 100.


How to use a cordless drill?

A cordless drill has become necessity for every other home. Because it is easy to use and can do wonders for a drilling enthusiast. And for a beginner it is a handy tool as well. It is not difficult to use as other power tools usually are.

But to adjust your drill according to your task need is important and necessary to work efficiently and easily. For that, a beginner must have a basic knowledge of how to use a drill which we are going to give you in this answer.

First of all, a beginner should control his or her drill speed by adjusting torque settings through gearshift lever as per task need. A drill’s clutch decides how much power a drill can give so you should adjust its clutch as well to set it as per need of you work

To control drill’s bit rotation direction, you should press lever forward or backward to adjust. Its changeable trigger of speed controls the speed of bit direction.

To tighten the chuck, turn it to clock-wised by placing it into key-less chuck for placing a drill bit. After placing the bit, allow the clutch to shift to the drill setting position and then adjust the gear to high speed level.

Move your drill to forward by allowing your drill lever to forward. Now, by pressing the trigger your drill gradually start to make a hole. Adjust its speed according to your work need and you are ready to drill and droll.


From where one can have best cordless drill under 100?

In this modern techno world, you can easily buy things online. But question is from where? On what site you can put your trust on?

 To answer this question, I prefer you Amazon.com. It is the only site we can put our trust on. On Amazon you can find best cordless drills by looking at product’s features, descriptions, ratings and customer reviews.

Only on Amazon you can have a happy shopping with satisfactory best cordless drills of your own choice.

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