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How To Keep Your Study Space Clean During Coronavirus Epidemic?

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Coronavirus Epidemic

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Coronavirus Epidemic: In most cases, where you study is just as important as what you choose to study. Research findings show that the place or area in which you choose to study affects your level of concentration and memory. You probably know this if you’ve ever tried studying in a noisy restaurant or at your friend’s house while he or she is practicing guitar.

There are times when your study sessions are extremely effective than others. You have the power to choose where you want to study. And this is great news. With the outbreak of coronavirus, it’s important to study in a clean space.

Coronavirus Epidemic 

1. Pick one place that you love

If you like studying in your room, your brain will associate the area with studying. Upon entering this space, your mind will also enter into study mode. And this is extremely important if you are studying for a test or your assignment deadlines are around the corner.

Moving between coffee shops, libraries, and your friends’ apartments can be exhausting. Apart from that, you also increase your chances of contracting coronavirus. You can make your life easier by picking one study area and keeping it clean all the time.


2. Get comfortable

If you’ll be studying or working from home, your study area should be comfortable. Choose a comfortable desk and chair that complement your height. Also, avoid studying in sweat pants or your pajamas because you’re likely to get too comfortable. According to studyclerk.com, take a shower and dress up before sitting down to study. By doing this, you’ll enhance your level of concentration while eliminating the spread of coronavirus.


3. Natural light is critical

Who doesn’t love natural light? It’s one of the factors that affects your level of concentration. Anyone who has worked under artificial light for several hours can understand this. Even a little natural light reflecting on your windows can make your space warm and comfy. Natural light will also prevent night blindness and help you keep your room organized.


4. Listen to classical music

Some students can’t study in a quiet environment. If you are one of them, good music will not only put you in a good mood but will also enhance your focus. Instead of listening to music with hard beats, switch to classical music. Classical music can also help you solve life’s difficult problems.


5. Invest in plants

It’s been proven countless times that houseplants improve the quality of air indoors. They’ll also make your study space alive and serene. If you choose to study in your apartment or room, invest in low-maintenance houseplants. Remember to water it every day to make your environment peaceful and clean. Breathing clean fresh air will prevent a host of respiratory diseases.


6. Eliminate distractions

The biggest time-waster in our lives today are distractions. The ability to focus in the 21st century is becoming harder as the days’ pass. To excel in your studies, you’ll have to focus. To focus on your studies, you’ll have to eliminate distractions.

Turn off your television. Keep your phone away. Eliminate clutter in your study area. Inform your loved ones about your study plans early enough to avoid interruptions. By eliminating distractions, you’ll be a step ahead of the crowd. Plus, studying in an organized space will improve your health.


7. Clean your space every day

Cleaning and organizing your space after your study sessions will greatly improve your concentration during the next study session. There’s nothing as frustrating as having to clean your study area just before you start studying. Make it a habit to leave a clean organized study space. By doing this, you’ll improve your health and grades.



By following these tips, you are going to create your ideal study area. In fact, it will be your favorite area in your apartment. You might find yourself watching TV or chatting with your friends in this space. But whenever possible, use this for studying only.

By keeping it clean and tidy, you’ll prevent the spread of coronavirus which is killing people in a short span. After a long day in school, remember to wash your hands and disinfect your study area or avoid contaminating yourself. Also, avoid crowded areas as much as possible and touching the people you meet around every day.



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