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Dealing With Squirrel Infestation: Tips And Strategies 

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Squirrels can be a pest to your home and garden, but they are also a pest to your business. Suppose you have a pest problem with squirrels in or around your property. In that case, it is vital that you act immediately so that the infestation does not spread. Here is the strategy for dealing with this pesky pest. But first, understand the habits and threats about squirrels.  

Habits of Squirrels 

Squirrels are considered rodents and typically have bushy tails, slender bodies with large eyes. They love to eat nuts, but these animals also chow down on insects or anything else that's available. In addition, squirrels will burrow through your backyard looking for buried food containers. Thus, be careful not to let them get into any of those places where you store leftovers from dinner parties.  

The best way to eliminate squirrels is by contacting a local pest control point cook professional. Squirrels can be found in various forest types and building tree nests out of leaves, twigs, and bark during winter months.  

On the other side, some squirrels will take shelter inside buildings such as residential homes if there's an attic access point nearby for them from nearby trees too. If you notice any evidence on your property where these animals are entering at night or staying longer than expected, please get in touch with the pest control specialist.  


Risks of Squirrel 

Are you always on the lookout for squirrels? If not, then it's time to start. These pesky creatures can do significant damage inside homes and businesses alike. They chew through different materials, including insulation in your attic or walls that house electrical equipment like wiring devices.  

Additionally, they leave an unpleasant odour after urinating or evacuating, which will last long enough. Thus, as soon as you smell anything strange, there is probably more than just these critters around - beware. 


Tips for Preventing Squirrel Infestation  

To keep squirrels from invading, it's crucial that your know-how. Follow these tips: 

  • Vents with screens and chimney openings 
  • Seal entrance points such as cracks and tiny gaps around windows and doors throughout the house. 
  • Tree limbs should be pruned down 6 to 8 feet from the roofline 
  • Garbage should be disposed of in a sealed container regularly, and food should be stored in airtight containers 
  • Pick or dispose of ripe fruit as soon as possible if you have fruit trees on your property 


Bottom Line  

If you notice more and pesky little critters in your attic, such as squirrels or raccoons climbing on the roof of their own homes looking for some food source that may be up there, don't worry. These curious creatures are known to bite when they feel threatened. Thus, try to remove them from your residential or commercial area. But, of course, you can always call a professional pest control company that specializes in pest removal services if prevention is critical. That's because specializing ensures fewer problems down the line by guaranteeing the removal of a squirrel infestation.  







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