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Ways To Detect Mice Or Rats In The Home 

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rat mouse mice pest

rat mouse mice pest

Rodents can pose a significant health threat to your family and pets. They leave behind droppings for you to find, gnaw on anything made from wood, spread bacteria in the food supply, and more. Thus, it is crucial to identify pest activity in your home so that you can take the appropriate steps for pest control Brisbane North

Here are the top four ways to identify rodents from your residential property: - 

 Gnaw Marks  

Many signs can tell you if there is a pest problem in your home. One tip-off could be gnawed marks left behind by rats or mice. It indicates their desire for food and water supplies located within certain areas of the building structure itself. It includes plastic pipes as well. House mice don't distinguish when it comes to what they want. Thus, make sure these pests have access points near where you live.  



Mice are clever little mammals who crave dark, secluded corners to nest in. They will often build their homes out of shredded paper products like cotton or packing materials. If they have access, then it's time for an inspection. House mice prefer these places, so be on the lookout when you see frayed edges near your walls that could lead to a mouse hole nearby.  


Rub Marks  

House mice are one of the most common pests in homes due to their nest-building skills. They prefer shredded paper products as bedding material for insulation purposes when it gets cold outside. Unfortunately, house-hunting adventures sometimes end badly. If you find cotton balls cluttered everywhere at your place, then there's probably some new mouse activity happening nearby.  


Weird Noise  

You might think that you are alone in your home, but it is essential to be aware of the little creatures living throughout. For example, mice and rats can make noise at night when they scurry around looking for food or shelter from threats like natural disasters. This type of activity causes strange sounds coming through walls into bedrooms where they're most noticeable. To keep them out altogether, use traps that will capture an animal alive. Else, hire a pest control company that knows how many species are present without causing live casualties. 



Finding mouse or rat droppings around the home is one of the most common signs of an infestation. These pellets are often left at the back in places where food is stored, such as kitchen cabinets and pantries. Homeowners may also find them under sinks, inside chewed cardboard boxes along baseboards on top wall beams. Feces from these creatures can carry harmful bacteria, which could trigger allergies, among other things.  


Bottom Line  

Rodents are a nuisance and can cause problems for your home. They are capable of chewing through drywall, electrical wiring in the house, which increases risk if there is an infestation to fire danger. The best thing you could do is to call pest control professionals who inspect it before suggesting proper course treatments.  

The winter is an excellent time for pest control. A recent survey by the National Pest Management Association found that 45% of rodent issues occur in the winter season, and it's easier than you think. Thus, take rodent or mice infestation seriously and contact the licensed pros ASAP when noticed signs show up.