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Simple Ways To Prevent Pests From Ruining Your Home 

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man using pesticide for pests and pest control

man using pesticide for pests and pest control

Do you have pest problems? Do they come back no matter what pest control upper coomera methods you use to try and get rid of them? If so, then this article is intended for you. Here are simple ways that can help prevent pests from ruining your home. 

Read on to learn more about how pest prevention can save you time, money, and, most importantly - your sanity. 

You can also find out on DIY termite treatment.

  1. One of the most significant things to do before moving is to make sure all access points for utilities, especially gas pipes and electricity, are tightly sealed. Steel wool can be used on more significant gaps or holes where pests may try entering your home as well- if not already done so by their previous owners! Be mindful that silicone caulk will also prevent moisture from seeping through, which could cause further damage down the line if left untreated with proper maintenance over time.  
  2. Termites are microscopic insects that feed on wood. They tend to leave behind tiny holes in your home, which can be challenging for humans to notice! You might see mud tubes coming from the cracks around windowsills or doors. These tubes show they've been eating food at one point. Probably because you had an infestation of them then became too much for their colony size (they only numbers two dozen per nest). 
  3. Proper care for your landscaping will keep it looking fresh and green. Trimming grass cut low is vital, as well as ensuring tree branches are neatly trimmed. So, they don't hit windows or other structures on the house (for example). Finally, make sure shrubberies aren't blocking doorways by cutting back their growth with an appropriate tool.  
  4. Tune up your gutters to keep them clean and clear. Debris that builds up over time, including leaves in the summer or ice-coated snow during winter, can clog pores on their way down from higher branches of trees. This is terrible news for you because when these bits get stuck, they will stop letting water flow properly, leading to not only pest infestations but also heavy rain causing structural damage.  
  5. Did you know that about 13% of all homes in Australia have standing water? It might not seem like much, but for homeowners, this is an expensive issue. They end up paying more because their insurance rates go higher due to where they live. Plus, there are moulding problems which can make people sick. So, when it rains - watch out: these are signing your gutters need maintenance or repairs right away before anything else happens (like leaks). 
  6. It is essential to keep the exterior of your home free from water damage. Downspouts, gutters, and splash blocks will help direct rainwater away from houses so that you can avoid costly repairs down the line- like replacing broken windows or repairing leaky pipes.  
  7. The first step to keeping your house clean and dry is by making sure all potential water sources are funnelled away from the building. Downspouts, gutters, splash blocks should do this job well enough, but if not, then take it upon yourself as an individual property owner or builder for hire with experience in drainage issues. If you are suffering through floods every other month-yearly because there's no way out of that pesky rooftop gutter system. Don't worry, though - we can help. 


Final Thoughts 

Pests are a constant challenge for homeowners. When they have found safety within your home, it can be challenging to get rid of pests and their eggs without making them feel threatened or uncomfortable again. However, this is necessary if you want any chance at success. Pest management professionals know how best to handle infestation situations so that homes remain clean with no damage done inside-out.  







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