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Tips On Keeping Your Home Pest Free

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pest control man working

pest control man working

Keeping your home pest-free can be a challenge. We all love having friends and family over to our homes, but when that friend is an ant or a cockroach, it's time to put up the "closed for business" sign. This article will give you some tips on how to keep your home pest-free

First off - cleanliness is key! Make sure your floors are swept and that there's no food or crumbs left out. Make sure you clean under the cushions of chairs, couches, etc. Also, make sure to thoroughly clean and vacuum all cracks in furniture.  

Be aware of what you bring into your home - especially things like firewood. It has been observed that firewood can harbour carpenter ants. 

Keep your home clean, especially the kitchen and bathroom. Many pests are attracted to food or standing water - so make sure you get rid of any source of either in your home! Also, check all drains for standing water, so there's no infestation of drain flies. 

Check the yard for any standing water or crusted material that might be attracting pests to your home. 

Be careful when bringing in plants - some plants, like ferns and ivy, can harbour aphids and other pests, so make sure they are pest-free before you get them into your house. 

If you have pets, make sure their bedding is kept clean. Pet beds can harbour ticks, fleas, mites and other pests that can then come into your house when they are in close contact with you or your children - so cleaning out pet beds often will help control pest populations by taking away a prime habitat for these pesky bugs. 

Be sure to get your pest control done at least once a year (check with your exterminator for more information on how often you should be getting this done). This will keep any significant infestations from getting out of hand. Especially if it's for things like cockroaches and bed bugs, a Pest Control Pro should be the one to handle the situation as they have the experience in dealing with those infestations.

Don't forget to check your home when it's winter. Pests are attracted to the heat of our homes in the winter, so make sure you have proper ventilation, which can help control pest populations in your home. 

Keep plants away from doors and windows (if possible) as they can attract pests. Clear trees and vegetation from the perimeter of your home if possible, as this will help keep pests out of your home. 

Suppose you smell a skunk, close windows and doors to prevent them from coming into your house. They are attracted to the smell of cooking food at this time of year.

Remember, if you ever have major issues with bugs or pests in your home, call the best pest control Sydney.  


How can a pest control company help?

Pest control companies have trained professionals who are experts at removing various types of pests. They can help determine where your pest problem is coming from and how to get rid of it. If you suspect an infestation because of a lot of pests, call your exterminator today. Remember, they have your best interests in mind and want to help you protect your home against pests. So get in touch with your local exterminator today! 







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