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What Can You Do To Get Rid Of Ants In The House?

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ants on fruit

ants on fruit

There are many ways in which you can get rid of ants in the house without using chemicals. However, if left alone, they will reproduce and create more colonies which will invade your home.   

Therefore, you would help if you cared for them before their population gets too great to handle. 

Below are some tips for dealing with ants in the house safely and effectively: 

- Place pest strips in places where you see ants frequently. For example, you can purchase pest strips at home improvement or hardware stores. They will kill small colonies within a few days. 

- Use boric acid to get rid of stubborn ant problems. Mix it with equal parts sugar and place it on paper, then leave it in areas the ants frequent. The ants will take this mixture back to their colony and share it with the rest, killing the entire colony in a few days. 

- If you have pets, keep them away from where you are placing boric acid or pest strips because they are very toxic to animals. 

- You can also set out ant traps that will kill ants that come into contact with the liquid inside. These are good for pinpointing exactly where the ants are coming from. For example, if you see trails of ants leading to certain areas, place bait traps on these trails since that is where they will be coming through. 

- You can make your pest spray at home without using chemicals by mixing 1/2 cup of vinegar with an equal portion of water and spritzing it directly on the ants. Of course, they will die in an hour or so, but you might have to do this several times before all of them are gone for long. 

- If the nest is safe to access, pour boiling water into it, then place a bucket over it for 30 minutes or more to ensure that it is dead. 

- Keep your counters clean by wiping them down daily. Do not leave any food out since ants are attracted to this. 

- If you have an ant problem in your yard, look for their nest and pour boiling water into it to kill the ants living there. 

They reproduce quickly, so you must take care of them before they infest other areas of your home. These are simple pest control tips that don't involve using chemicals on the ants. This is safe for you and your family and will ensure they don't come back. If you still need help, you can contact a reliable pest control company Perth to take care of significant ant problems quickly and effectively. 

The experts will identify a problem with ants and use the right chemicals to kill the entire colony. This is usually done in one visit, and you won't see any ants again afterwards. The chemicals used for this type of pest control are strong but not harmful when mixed correctly. They can be sprayed directly on ant trails or poured into their nests. This pest control is very effective, but it can be expensive. 

It would help if you tried to get rid of ants yourself before calling pest control because they are fairly easy to kill, and you don't need special training or equipment to do this. You will also save money by doing it independently rather than hiring pest control experts who tend to charge more.  

However, if the infestation level is too high and the DIY hacks don't work, then you must seek help from a pest control expert. No matter how big the infestation issue is, the right pest control company will control it with the proper treatment and methods. 







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