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Give Your Kitchen A Great Makeover With Dekton Finishes

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Decorate Your Kitchen With Dekton Finishes

Planning a kitchen renovation? Ditch the regular choices of kitchen countertop materials and opt for the latest Dekton Finishes worktop surfaces offered by Cosentino. With its ability to seamlessly adapt to any surface, Dekton Finishes worktops will be a great welcoming addition to your home.

Choosing the right material for the kitchen worktop is something that needs to be done after a lot of consideration. While some homeowners prefer to stick to the standard countertop materials like granite, marble, quartz, etc, others prefer to keep an eye open for new options in the market. If you belong to the latter category, you may be happy to note that the world’s leading quartz brand Cosentino offers a new type of worktop surface called Dekton Finishes.

Made from a blend of different raw materials, Dekton Finishes worktops are available in quartz, porcelain and glass variants and offer the highest quality worktop surfaces for kitchens. The DNA and structure of Dekton enable it to be adapted seamlessly onto other surfaces like wall tiles, floor tiles, external cladding and more.


Benefits of Dekton FinishesSurfaces 

Dekton Finishes

dekton basin

Available in a wide range of colours in varying shades of whites, greys and blacks, Dekton worktops are also available in a variety of matt, gloss and smooth finishes. And that’s not all. Dekton worktops also offer a slew of benefits over other countertop materials like quartz, marble and granite, including increased water resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance and UV protection. Let’s take a closer look at these benefits.


They Are Suitable For Indoor And Outdoor Applications

Dekton Finishes

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Dekton countertops find their use in many indoor applications like countertop surfaces, wall tiles, floor tiles and so on. However, unlike other materials, which are not suitable for outdoor use, Dekton surfaces can be used for outdoor applications as well. The DNA, structure and unique properties of Dekton make it highly resistant to the wear and tear experienced by surfaces, making it a great material for a wide variety of outdoor applications.


They Have High Uv Resistance

Unlike other countertop materials, Dekton surfaces are highly resistant to UV rays of the sun. This makes them retain their colour for longer periods without fading. Hence, Dekton surfaces can be used indoors and outdoors under direct sunlight without any issues.


They Are Highly Resistant To Scratches

Dekton worktops are highly resistant to scratches and cannot be scratched easily by domestic utensils. However, that said and done, it is considered wise to use chopping boards when cutting vegetables and other foods.


They Are Resistant To Abrasions

When compared to granite, Dekton is more resistant to abrasions. This makes it a great addition for commercial applications and areas of the house that experience high traffic, including facades and flooring. In contrast to other materials, which will start showing the signs of wear and tear over a period, Dekton surface comes with a finish, which will help it retain its look for nearly forever without the need for resealing or polishing.


They Have High Stain Resistance

Dekton countertops come with low porosity, meaning they are highly resilient to the stains that are common in domestic and commercial kitchens. Dekton is also resistant to stains caused by chemical agents. You can easily clean stains caused by everyday items like coffee, wine, ink and even rust with the help of a damp cloth.


They Are Resistant To Heat And Fire

Dekton worktops are highly resistant to high temperatures caused by heat and fire. They can easily handle hot utensils, pans and pots placed directly on them without being damaged in the process.



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