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4 Design Ideas For The Perfect Bedroom Space

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The place where people live can have a significant impact on how they feel, think, and behave. Both psychologists and architects agree on the fact that some architectural layouts appear to retain higher thought and encourage attention. According to research, large spaces with high ceilings can encourage inspiration and creativity, while smaller spaces with lower ceilings can help a person concentrate on the task at hand.

In addition, great design can foster a pleasant mood, and since the bedroom is where everyone goes to rest and relax, it should be designed to do so. 

The key to a successful bedroom design is balancing utility and style. So, here are some bedroom design ideas to help you create the ideal space.

bedroom ideas

  • The Size and Position of the Bed 

According to interior designer Esther Dormer, the bed should always come first when decorating a bedroom. There are several things to consider when determining the best bed size, including the size of the room, the space around the bed, the number of people it will accommodate, and the frequency of usage of the room. A queen or king-size bed is recommended for couples living in a spacious room. However, buying a Murphy bed can be an option if the bedroom space is too small.

Besides the bed, buying a quality mattress that fits the bed is also mandatory. Always buy a good-quality mattress like Stearns and Foster Mattress from a reliable vendor. These mattresses are designed for classic appeal, plush comfort, and long-lasting durability. 

Another crucial consideration when planning a bedroom layout is where to put the bed. The bed is the biggest piece of furniture in the bedroom, which can greatly affect the look and feel of the room.

The bed can be a focal point when placed across from a doorway. In most bedroom layouts, the bed is placed directly against the longest primary wall, and the headboard faces the person who enters the room. However, if a bedroom contains a fireplace, position the bed against the other wall to face the fireplace. Avoid placing the bed in front of the window, as it blocks natural light and makes the area feel unbalanced.


  • Select Lighting of Your Bedroom

Lighting may have a big impact on how a person feels. The lack of natural light can cause a poor mood and a depressing atmosphere in the room. Brightly lit spaces are mood boosters and help you be more creative. 

Also, use a combination of ambient and task lighting in the bedroom. For example, you might use a table lamp for reading in bed or a floor lamp for getting ready in the morning.

Also, you don’t want bright lights shining on your face when you’re trying to sleep. Position your lights so that the light falls on a wall or ceiling rather than directly on you.

Lampshades are also important, as solid ones produce harsh light beams while translucent ones give off softer, more diffused light. You can also use LED strips hidden behind headboards and above drapes to create light washes.


  • Smart Bedroom Storage Ideas

Good space flow is a crucial component of a master bedroom. There must be enough space to make the bed, and that movement around it should be unrestricted. This can be done with smart bedroom storage solutions to ensure nothing gets in the way, especially if the bedroom is small. Below is a list of some of the suggestions:

  • Get a customized built-in closet that keeps everything behind doors, especially for the clothing. Such closets offer a lot of storage and make room for uneven ceiling construction. Additionally, they are shallower than the conventional dresser, which is great for compact bedrooms.
  • Spend the money on a narrow wall-mounted dressing table design.
  • Slim floating shelves are essential for increasing storage while keeping a room spacious and light. They make the ideal storage space for various items, including books, decorations, and electronic accessories covered in storage baskets.
  • Use the trunks to keep the seasonal clothing and hide these trunks under the bed. 
  • Match lights, bedtime mats, and artwork in pairs to promote symmetry.


  • Add a Seating Area in the Bedroom

Adding a seating area to the bedroom will benefit you in the following ways.


  • Reading Corner

A cozy accent chair in a corner of the bedroom can be a great place to curl up with a good book. Add a side table for a lamp and a place to put your book or cup of tea.


  • Small-Space Workplace

If you don’t have a lot of space in your bedroom, you can create a small-space workplace by using a corner. Place two crescent-shaped accent chairs around a small table and add a big round ottoman for extra seating or storage.

Place these things close to an outlet so you can charge electronic devices while working.


  • Foot-of-Bed Functionality

A small stool or ottoman at the foot of the bed can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be a place where you can put pillows every night, a spot where they can put their bag after the day is over, or a place to sit while tying their shoes. 

If you have more space, you could also add a small accent chair or bench.


  • Filling A Corner

If you have an awkward corner in your bedroom, you can use it to create a seating area. A rattan swing chair or a plush pouf would both be great options for filling an awkward corner.



The ideal bedroom must combine functionality, comfort, and aesthetics to create a space that fits the individual’s needs and preferences. Additionally, the ideal bedroom setting is one that appeals to the passions and fosters rest and well-being for the person living in it. To create an environment people enjoy spending time in, modify these suggestions to fit your particular style and needs.







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