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Design Trends That Can Improve The Value Of Your Home

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home design kitchen

home design kitchen

The average household spending on home services in 2020 increased to $13,138, compared to $9,081 spent in 2019. Out of this figure, home improvement projects took the biggest share, followed by home maintenance spending and home emergency expenses. Some of the reasons attributed to the increase in home spending include more time spent inside houses causing more wear and tear, adoption of new uses for spaces, and diverting money to home services from common expenditures. In addition, devoting time and money to household projects can also improve the value of a dwelling, recouping costs between 51% and over 95%, according to the 2020 Cost VS Value Report.

Kitchen Upgrades Or Remodels

Whether it’s a major or a small remodel, an upgraded kitchen sells homes. As more people turn to cooking and eating at home, a kitchen that is recently updated is functional. It not only saves money, but also enhances the quality of food being consumed, improves safety, and allows homeowners to enjoy the amenities. Plus, when it’s time to sell, the market value of a house increases.

Expanding the kitchen is one trend that improves its functionality. Over the years, kitchens have gotten bigger because it’s that place in the home where people gather, socialize and cook. A greater number of people using the kitchen has led to a new trend of creating zones in the area, such as a snack station or a cocktail area. Experts at Paradisa Homes say that demarcating areas for specific uses means that when a person is cooking, guests or kids do not have to interrupt because there are corners in the kitchen that can be used for snacking, socializing, or even homework.


Creating A Home Office

Who hasn’t been in a Zoom or WebEx meeting when working from home, only to be interrupted by a child wandering in with their toy or a spouse asking if the cat has been fed? The year has seen an unprecedented demand for offices within the house. While many have managed to set up makeshift workspaces anywhere in the house such as the dining room or the couch, a designated office is the better option.

Without the distractions and interruptions, working in your own home office increases productivity and efficiency. It also presents a formal and serious image to clients and your superiors without the noise of the vacuum cleaner or the playlist of your teenagers blaring in the background. Moreover, you’ll be more comfortable and can maintain your discipline. Converting an unused guestroom or a spacious corner are some of the options that may be available when creating a home office. You can also extend your property by building an extra room or convert the loft. When it’s time to put your property on the market, it can add around 8-10% to your home’s value, according to Yopa.

Home improvements offer many benefits, including convenience and enhanced functionality. Kitchen remodels and upgrades and adding a home office are two important home trends that can also increase property values when it’s time to sell.



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