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How Can I Know If I Have A Broken Water Line Outside My House?

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Detect Broken Water Lines, Water Main Outside The House

Detect Broken Water Lines: Something that might not seem that big of a problem can cause more damage than you can tell. In fact, can trouble you much, after some time. Only if it is appropriately handled before any humongous damage, then it will not cause a problem.

But what is it?

It is a small problem like water leakage which you may consider negligible but trust me when I say it’s not. Hence, it needs to be taken care of. You need to find out about this problem and solve it soon before bigger damage occurs.

The only problem is first to find out what the issue is? Or to know if there is a problem at all? This means that first, we need to know if there is any broken water line that needs fixing. It is easy to find such difficulties when they are inside the house. Only a bit of leakage can inform you. But when the issue occurs outside, then there are not many ways to find out. Many people say that they never know if the line outside the house is broken or not. But still, some signs can tell you if a water line is broken outside your house or not? The article discusses these signs only.

Signs that indicate broken water lines outside the house

Detect Broken Water Lines

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Water lines are broken or damaged; this can be found by just a few signs that this damage shows. These are:

  • Water bills
  • Puddles
  • Water in yard and street
  • Smell
  • Water pressure
  • Sound

-          Water bills

Detect Broken Water Lines

Service Valve Diagram

The most effortless way of knowing that your water line is broken is by your water bills. Your water bill, just like other bills, is constant every month. There are only two situations in which it can increase. One, when you genuinely have used water extensively that month but, in such conditions, you already know or have an idea that the bill will be more or why is it more?

Two, when your water line is cracked. In this situation, you will not understand the reason for the rising bill. But now you know that too. Because when a water line breaks, then obviously a good amount of water is wasted. Due to this, the bill increases.

So if your water bill is a lot, then you must take notice of this and call to check the bill. And then you must immediately consult Google and search for trusted local plumbers near me. Find professional, trusted services. A professional knows the issue and can deal with it more maturely than you.

-          Puddles

Your second best shot to understand if there is a water line broken or not is by puddles. You must have noticed that during monsoon or rain, there are puddles in all those places where there was sand previously. Well, puddles in water blockage are not much different. Only that in this case, the water comes from under and not above. The rain combined with ground soil forms puddles in many places. If it is not rainy season, and you find these puddles outside your house, then call for help.

These puddles indicate broken water lines as puddles require sand and water. Soil is already out there. The only thing then needed is the water. And if it is not monsoon season, then the water must not have dropped from the sky of course. It comes from the water pipes only. So you will know automatically.

-          Water in yard and streets

Detect Broken Water Lines

Water shut off valve

Well, it is not rocket science that any water draining problem may lead to leaking. Inside the house, leaking may be noticed without any difficulty. After all, finding water on walls is not a big deal. But, outside the house, water has a greater tendency of getting absorbed and also have more area not to be noticed. And hence, outside, it takes time to notice water somewhere. But when the broken pipe has been left unattended, the water will start showing after some time. So, if you see water in the yard or the street, then it is time that you without wasting time, call for help.

In this situation when water starts to show up in the yard and streets, is a higher level as till this time, lots of water must have been wasted, and much dry area is wet till now. So an immediate step must be taken soon.

-          Smell

This is the more intuitive part when you have to identify the problem just by its odor. Actually, when a water pipe bursts, the water after sometimes causes a peculiar smell. The task becomes more challenging to recognize the issue just by smelling. The reason is that when we talk about the inside of the house, the smell may be more clearly identified. But, outside the house, the smell can vanish in the atmosphere. So this is not the most preferred way to find out about your water leakage, yet still, it is workable.

To identify the problem by smelling the water’s odor is by daily cleaning outside of the house. By doing this, you can know in three different ways. Firstly, if you are cleaning and you smell it, you will know about the issue. Secondly, by cleaning, you will be sure that the smell cannot be due to any unhygienic garbage or unclean junk. So, it must be from the pipes. Lastly, neighbors might inform you about the smell.

-          Water Pressure

Detect Broken Water Lines

Water hose

The most interesting fact that anyone might notice is that the water pressure is becoming low, gradually. Of course, the water supply would reply you that there is no sort of cut out from their side. Therefore, you must immediately understand that it is due to water lines blocking or damaging. This is easy to understand. If the water is wasted in such amount, then the water flow in taps, showers, and tubs will become low. So whenever this happens, always check your water linings first, before rushing to call the water supply.

This is the stage where everyone finds the problem always of water lining breaking as almost everyone catches the issue with this only. Whenever people see the water level going down and pressure decreasing, they immediately get their lines checked. You must also do the same.

-          Sound

Lastly, when none of this informs you of the damage, and you did not do any damage control, then this might happen at the very final process. You might start hearing noises from your water pipes. These sounds may or may not be because of broken lines or water leakage, but if you hear any such kind of voices, then the chances are that they can be because of that reason.

So the next step is only to call a plumber immediately before much damage happens and ask him to check the problem correctly. This way, you will be saved from any more severe damage that might have arisen if you would have waited for more time.


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Final thoughts

Water safety is a severe issue. But, with these signs, you can without difficulty know if you have destruction to look after before something dangerous happens. So if you have noticed any of these symptoms then immediately call a worker to sort it, who is reliable and can solve the problem for you and is also trustworthy. Because as they say that “precaution is better than cure.”

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