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Differences Between Electronic & Gravity Fed Hoppers

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Gravity paintball hoppers are a great option for those who want to save money on paintball equipment. These hoppers use gravity to feed paintballs into the gun, which can be a cheaper and easier way to paintball than using electronic paintball markers. However, gravity paintball hoppers have some drawbacks. They can be hard to use in tight spaces and they often require more effort than electronic paintball markers to reload.

It’s critical that you select the right paintball hopper to build a day on the paintball field more productive. Why? As there are many paintball hoppers out there, selecting the right one requires diving into the marker’s capabilities, and not any unnecessary features.


Gravity Hoppers vs. Electronic Hoppers

Gravity paintball hopper structures are typically uncomplicated and easy. They might be a little different in how they are fed and the marker is fed, but for the most part, all are pretty similar. With electronic paintball hoppers, it’s a whole different ball game. There are lots of diverse options and you cannot just group all the electronic hoppers into one group. There are a lot of different options for processing and playing with, which will come across soon.


Gravity Hoppers

Gravity-fed loaders hold around 160-200 paintballs and can release about 10-12 paintballs per second. Players that are preoccupied with the number of paintballs that they hold can last up to 200-300 events that incorporate paintballs. Naturally, players who eject more paintballs and are too enthusiastic can shoot at least twice that amount in 2 hours.

The gravity in a gravity hopper helps reduce the friction created by paintballs and makes it simple for them to infiltrate the gun when all of the shells are full. The principal advantage is that it should not be too heavy, so the paintballs don’t get jammed in the breach. A secondary advantage is that they are less expensive than electronic loaders. The main negative aspect is that it fires the balls more slowly.

Self-sufficient paintball players that like to operate more slowly tend to utilize the simplest guns and prefer to make use of one-shot accuracy, which is a typical characteristic of pump markers and auto cockers. Greater efficiency on these types of guns is typically created by gravity loaders.

The disadvantage to using a gravity loader is that paintballs can sometimes jam in the fill, especially when people throw paintballs out there. Before playing a paintball match, you should constantly shake your gun to keep the paintballs flowing easily from the fill to the barrel. This will take some time if you are engaged in a competition.


Electronic Hoppers

Electronic paintball guns need electronic hoppers that resemble black tube things. They’re simple to use. Tags cannot keep up with the firing rate of electronic paintball guns. The electronic hopper is a kind of motorized gadget that uses electrical energy to power spinning paddles or feed trays with fins or feednecks, which load paintballs into a paintball gun.

The greatest advantage of electric hoppers is that the hopper will not hamper the pace of the marker’s firing of paintballs. Rather, the electric marker will only take the paintballs through the feedneck. Gravity-fed hoppers can’t keep pace with the marker’s firing speed.

Hardware that allows for faster loading also presents a side benefit because it can reduce the risk of chopped balls. After all, the primary goal of an agitator is to push the paint down the feedneck so there is always a stack of paint ready for rolling.

Electric hoppers in this technology use battery-powered motors that rehydrate paintballs into the marker at a higher rate of speed than gravity-fed ones. Upwards of 15-20 paintballs can go through the marker per second. Fast electric hoppers can now pump out to about 30 paintballs per second.

The electronic hopper works well with electronic markers for competitive and tournament players. Quick and crafty players rely on electronic paintball markers with no room for human error. For players that view out for the win at all times, a high-performance paintball marker is required.


Find the Right Hopper for Your Paintball Gun

The main difference between electronic and gravity loaders is that the speed at which the balls enter the breech is slower for an electronic loader. The speed and precision required for advanced and tournament players are considered a major benefit by electronic loader players. Weights of electronic loaders are slightly greater than those of gravity hoppers. The lid is closed more quickly than gravity hoppers.

If you have an air compressor, mechanical, or pump paintball gun, it’s pretty easy – all you need are an air tank that is capable of holding paint and a gravity hopper big enough to hold what you need for the game. Don’t overdo it; just get a simple, affordable setup. If you have a pump paintball gun, do not buy a electronic hopper that can bear sand at a rate of 50 balls every second. That’s just a waste of time.

If you are taking a look at electronic paintball gun, I firmly advocate trying to find a good electronic hopper. There are a number of alternatives that are wonderful for each and every kind of paintball gun and cost range.







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