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5 Different Types Of Birdhouses For Your Garden

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bird flying tgo birdhouse

bird flying tgo birdhouse

A garden is a part of your living space. Many people find gardening to be therapeutic. The naturalness of a garden and the authenticity that lies in creating one could invite a positive aura into your life. For years, people have made their gardens their canvas, molding them into true pieces of art.

There are many differently sized gardens, including small and big ones. Every garden is different because of its unique properties, layouts, and the things it consists of. However, something that could particularly stand out in your garden are animals. Although having dogs, cats, or other pets is appealing, the presence of beautiful birds in your garden, could allow for an aesthetic yet calming aura.

Some people are just drawn to caring for birds by feeding them and providing them with comfortable living spaces. To invite birds into your garden seamlessly and naturally, you can set up some birdhouses.

Birdhouses themselves can be aesthetic and may add great value to the design of your garden. If you’re looking to enjoy the unmatched view of birdlife and actively engage in bird care, these are some of the different types of birdhouses for your garden:

1. Wall-Mounted Birdhouse

If your garden has a good level of fencing or some strong trees, you may want to consider obtaining a wall-mounted birdhouse. This is a birdhouse where there’s a hook or small hole at the back of the birdhouse. The hole can be hooked to a nail carefully placed onto a tree or fence. You could go to a place where they have homemade bird houses for sale, or create your own and mount it onto your exterior wall.

You could explore numerous intricate designs with wall-mounted birdhouses. You could have a series of them all mounted onto a fence. Or you could have one on each tree. Wall-mounted birdhouses are easy to lift down so as to allow you to look into the nest within the birdhouse or even empty the nest out in the fall season.

Wall mounted birdhouses can be placed at varying heights; therefore, you could have an interesting vertical layout on your trees. If you have a greenhouse or nice storage space in your garden, you could also put some wall mounted birdhouses onto its walls. These birdhouses are easy to set up and maintain, which makes them all the more appealing.


2. Purple Martin Birdhouse

The Purple Martin is a large swallow that has an iridescent sheen on it as well as a dark blue touch on its feathers. Purple Martins may help capture various flying insects roaming around your garden, including, wasps, beetles, flies, and many others.

Purple Martins are quite group-oriented birds. They like to nest in colonies, and be together in most spaces. If you want to draw the Purple Martin into your garden, you may want to consider getting a Purple Martin birdhouse.

It consists of a great number of entrances or cavities, usually an amount more than four. Sometimes the birds may be looking to compete with each other. In this case, you may have to lower or raise the birdhouse so you’re able to remove the nest from the competing birds.

Make sure the birdhouse is a good level above the ground such that predators are incapable of ruining the them or killing the baby birds in the them. Purple Martin birdhouses are very aesthetically pleasing, and could be a great addition to your garden. The beauty of the birdhouses themselves, and the lovely display of the Purple Martins can be very inviting.


3. Post-Mounted Birdhouse

Some people want their birdhouses free and not attached to any other part of the garden. They want trees to be raw and untampered with, the storage units to be plain and simple, and the fences to be uncovered and simple.

Others don’t have any trees, fences, greenhouses, or storage units in their gardens where they can carefully and beautifully place a birdhouse. If you’re one of these people, coming across a post-mounted birdhouse as you explore various birdhouses could be your blessing in disguise.

A post-mounted birdhouse, also referred to as a freestanding birdhouse, describes a structure that’s mounted into the ground and set up high into the air. Make sure to include an adjustable pole if you plan to have this type, because this will allow you to seamlessly clean out any nests or collect eggs. This will prevent you from having to use a ladder to clean out your birdhouse.


4. Hanging Birdhouse

hanged small birdhouses

hanged small birdhouses

A hanging birdhouse is the kind that’s hung on a tree, or a roof overhang. Hanging birdhouses are one of the easiest birdhouses to set up, clean, or replace. They’re a very popular touch people add to their porches and gardens. Adding a hanging birdhouse to some of the trees or strong branches in your garden could create a lovely atmosphere, and could entice birds to sit on the branches of your trees.

When setting up a hanging birdhouse, the material you use is an important aspect to explore. Make sure the material is sturdy.

Avoid using poor natural fibers that rot easily, and therefore, put your birds in danger. Carry out regular thorough checks on all parts of your hanging nests, perhaps twice a year. You could try exploring metal pieces instead of natural fibers to ensure your birdhouse doesn’t fall during nesting season.


5. Bluebird Birdhouse

A bluebird is an omnivorous or insectivorous bird with medium-sized body. They have a unique blue color on them, and sometimes they have a rose and blue mix. Bluebirds typically have various specifications when it comes to their birdhouse needs. Bluebirds appreciate a feeling of safety in their birdhouse. Try to create a one-and-a-half-inch entrance hole because this makes the birdhouse convenient enough for the bluebird to enter, but small enough to keep predators out.

Bluebirds love close proximity in their birdhouse, particularly if they have babies. A bluebird birdhouse could add a great accent to your garden. The array of blue could be aesthetic and refreshing for you.

Get Your Birdhouse

As you go about creating and developing your garden, you may find it worthwhile to include some birdhouses. Including birdhouses in your garden could be considered as innovative gardening, or a diversification of your garden space.

The beautiful ambiance of birds chirping and hovering in a garden can be a great experience within your vicinity. The above different designs and types of birdhouses grant you the opportunity to assess which birdhouse blends well with your garden.







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