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Perfect Selection Of Types Of Mattresses & The Quality Of Sleep

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What Types Of Mattresses Is Best For Sleeping?

Types Of Mattresses


Types Of Mattresses: If someone asks you to make a list of things that make you happy and relaxed, where would you place a good night’s sleep? Somewhere close to the top if not as the first thing, right? That’s true for most of the population. After all, a good and peaceful sleep makes you completely relaxed and ready to face all the challenges the world throws at you.

This is the reason why everyone is always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of their sleep. And the entire mattress industry has made it the reason for continuous research – to find the best possible material providing the best quality sleep for their customers. From coil based to innerspring to memory foam, ever new materials are discovered and designed to give the ultimate comfort.

Whenever you are looking to buy a new mattress online, you will come across one or more variants of each. As much as it is convenient, it is also confusing as to which option to go for and what its advantages are, as compared to alternatives. While checking each variant and comparing them can be a Herculean task, for the sake of being focused, here we will compare two of the most popular options – Innerspring mattresses vs Memory Foam Mattresses.

Here are some of the major points of contention that can affect your quality of sleep. Let us first see what these are, and then we can check how each of the two types fares on the parameters.


Types Of Mattresses

1. Innerspring Mattress

  • Spring and Bounce vs Contouring – Almost all of us have a memory of jumping and bouncing up and down on a mattress. That used to be a lot of fun as a child! But certainly won’t be as much fun as an adult. Especially if you are trying to relax and sleep after a long hard day, imagine you are trying to sink into your bed to sleep happily and your mattress keeps pushing you back, with its bounce!
Types Of Mattresses

That’s what happens on an Innerspring mattress where, as the name suggests, the filler material is a lot of springs. The Memory Foam mattresses, on the other hand, have multiple layers of viscoelastic material, which contours as per the shape of the object placed on it. The inherent nature of the material gives you a feeling of hugging and allows you to relax.

But how do you make a choice when you are shopping for a mattress online? For those who prefer the support provided by the bounce of the springs, Innerspring mattresses are a great choice. Also, with the advancing of technology, the lines have been slightly blurred. The springs are now padded with foam and other padding material to give a more relaxing feel.


2. Memory Foam Mattresses Made Of Natural Latex Or Gel Based Foam


  • Sleeping Hot or Not – The next big question is whether or not you “sleep hot”. This is the name given to the phenomenon where the body heat increases while sleeping. This becomes a major point of contention since the polyurethane based Memory Foam tends to retain the heat, making you feel slightly uncomfortable if your body temperature rises a lot while sleeping.
Types Of Mattresses

Mattress Sale

The gaps in the springs of an Innerspring mattress, on the other hand, allow for good circulation of air, resulting in a cooling down of the temperature. This is also very common in natural materials like cotton that are used as a filling material for mattresses. So when you are making your next purchase of a mattress online, this is going to be a vital differentiator.

But, as with the previous case, technology and research have blurred even this line quite significantly. The Memory Foam mattresses made with materials like natural latex or with an upper layer of gel based foam ensures this cooling effect to give you a completely relaxing sleep. While browsing the catalog for a mattress online, this is one thing you must look for.

  • Sleeping with a Partner vs Having the bed to yourself – As much as you would love to have your own cocoon to get back into after a tiring day, the reality remains that most of the people share their beds with either a partner, children or sometimes even with your pets. And if any of these partners of yours are fidgety or toss and turn throughout the night, chances are you will also not get any sleep through the night.

Wouldn’t you just love to have some disturbance free and peaceful sleep for the much-needed relaxation? And how can you know the amount of disturbance you will or will not get when you are shopping for a mattress online? You need to visit the store for the same, right? Not really, you can still make out the effect a tossing and turning partner will have on your sleep.


3. Regular Memory Foam Mattresses


The Memory Foam mattresses are known to absorb the disturbance from partners and let you sleep peacefully while you can feel their every move in the Innerspring mattress, thanks to the bounce of the springs. Also learn these bedroom essentials.

Types Of Mattresses

Mattress Sale

  • Back related problems or Easy Sleeping – This one, as anybody with an existing back-related problem will tell you, can be a make or break situation. If you already have a back problem and sleeping on a wrong mattress, you will only end up aggravating it. Also, if you do not yet have any back issue and go for a wrong one while buying your tempurpedic mattress online, chances are you will end up developing back

As most people know, the human spine is naturally in the form of an arch. When you sleep on a mattress that responds to the pressure by the body like a spring, it actually exerts a lot of pressure on the body parts, causing pain. On the other hand, a material like Memory Foam conveniently moulds itself around the body, distributing the pressure equally and maintaining the natural posture. Thus, it is recommended that for any person already suffering from back pain or other similar issues, Memory Foam mattresses should be preferred.

Types Of Mattresses

Bedroom ideas

When you try to find a mattress online, this is the first thing you will see highlighted for a Memory Foam mattress. It is always better to understand why and how exactly does this claim work, before making a decision.

As we have seen so far, it is not an easy or straightforward decision to make, whether Innerspring mattresses will be better for you or Memory Foam ones. As much as we hate it, the answer will always remain – it depends. Though, with all the requirements that can make a difference, it is easy to see that Memory foam mattresses have a slight edge over the Innerspring ones. This is probably the reason why, when we go for shopping a mattress online, the majority of the options that come up are different variants of the Memory Foam mattress.

An important factor, though not a major one, in this decision making process, is also the type of sleeping position you prefer. If you are used to sleeping on your sides, it is highly likely that you will find the memory foam mattresses more comfortable. On the other hand, if you prefer sleeping on your back or stomach (both positions which exert greater pressure on your back and lumbar region), you will find the firm and bouncy surface of an Innerspring mattress more comfortable. You can contact these lumbar spinal stenosis specialists from New York if you need more information about the lumbar region.

Types Of Mattresses

How to make bedroom comfortable

Rather than being a black and white choice, this particular choice has a lot depending on personal preference and thus differs from person to person and choice to choose while choosing a memory mattress.


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