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Pandanus Outdoor Plants

Every plant has its own space requirement to bloom beautifully or to spread greenery. While indoor plants can be easily grown inside your house, outdoor plants need to be grown somewhere outside in a lawn-like area. Houseplants require less sunlight and more of cool temperature to grow comfortably, as compared to the outdoor ones. If we treat one variety as the other, then the plant would not be able to adapt itself to the temperature and would die soon. So factors like temperature, water requirements, sunlight, soil preparations and space requirements need to be taken care of while planting either an indoor or outdoor plant.

If you are wondering with what plants, you can fill your empty garden space or lawns with, then you can go through the list provided below.

Lists Of Top Outdoor Plants Home Gardens Tips

  • Dianella Tasmanica - Very adaptable and easy to cultivate, this plant variety is healthy enough to stay fit all season long. Dianella Tasmanica is known as Flax-lily or Tasmanian Flax-lily. To ensure that this plant variety grows well, one must grow these in groups. Best grown in shady areas, these plant variety grows well in well-drained soil.
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Dianella Tasmanica

  • Plumbago - This plant is particularly native to South Africa and can grow up to 6 to 10 feet tall with a spread of 8 to 10 feet. It grows well in partial or full sunlight and has very basic watering needs, which makes it an ideal outdoor plant. Plumbago also goes by the following names Cape leadwort, Sky flower, Chitrak and Plumbago capensis.
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  • Pandanus - Also known as kewada, pandan, screw palm, screw pine, pandanus palm, Pandanus is a very common plant species which are available in various colours and shades. One of the noteworthy points about these plant varieties are that only the dwarf varieties are used in vertical gardens. Kewada is the other name by which Pandanus plant variety is also referred.
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  • Ipomoea - With over 500 species, Ipomoea has become the largest genus in the flowering plant species. Ipomoea is also known as morning glory, water convolvulus or kangkung, sweet potato, bindweed and moonflower, among many other names. Ipomoea is an annual vine which bears heart shaped leaves, along with either purple, pink, or white flowers. Ipomoea seeds are said to be highly toxic.
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  • Rhoeo Spathacea - Grows well in partial or full sunlight, this Rhoeo Spathacea is also known as Rhoeo discolor, Tradescantia discolor, Rhoeo spathacea, Boat lily, Oyster and Cradle lily plant. Hardy, fast growing and sun loving are some salient features of this variety of plants. The leaves of this plant are usually dual toned with beautiful shades of golden, green and red.
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  • Jasmine Grandiflorum - This plant variety is a climbing shrub which also goes by the following names - Spanish jasmine, Royal jasmine and Catalan jasmine. It is popular because of having some medicinal properties, that are used in standard western allopathic medicine for treating cancer, stress and anxiety. The flowering season usually happen in the month of August- October.
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Jasmine Grandiflorum

The number of outdoor plant varieties are endless, these were only a few. You can check various factors like modules, structures, irrigation systems etc as per your preferences and can decorate your lawns accordingly!





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