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DIY Ideas That Require Upholstery Nails

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couple painting room

couple painting room

Fancy yourself a bit of a DIY-enthusiast? If you’re always looking for ways to upgrade your furniture, pad out your apartment or give your old units an exciting new look, upholstery nails might become your new best friend.

From decorating your headboard to adding a unique touch to your seasonal decor, take a look at these DIY tips for using upholstery nails. And if you get stuck for ideas, Pinterest has a wealth of examples to inspire you.

The Different Types of Upholstery Nails

Before we get into the different ways you can use upholstery nails to bring new life to your furniture, let’s discuss the different types of upholstery nails available to you.

Domed - The most common type of nail you can easily spot is the domed type. However, you can still get different variations in their finishings and colour to help you match it perfectly with the look you’re going for.

Creative - You can choose a more creative nail to give a more immediate impact to your design, with so many different designs and styles to choose from. Make a statement with large conical head-shaped nails or add a bit of elegance with a butterfly or diamond shape.

Square - For something a bit unique, squared upholstery nails are perfect for adding an unusual spin to your project.

Crystal - These types of nails will instantly add a touch of class to your furniture, available in any colour you desire.


Give Your Cabinet A New Design

Whether you have some bedside tables that need a revamp, or you don’t want to throw away some old cabinets, adding upholstery nails can be exactly what you need to give them a new lease of life. Depending on the look you’re after, you can find a wealth of nails at Heico Direct to provide the style you want. From large nails for a bigger impact to smaller more dainty nails for a subtle style, shop around to find the exact look you require.


Nail Your Wallpaper

Wallpaper can add a statement to any room. But how do you make it even more of an out-there piece? By adding upholstery nails, of course. The example we found on Pinterest shows just how much fun you can get out of this creative DIY process and you can create beautiful patterns with these nails to bring life to any room and object.



From seasonal objects like pumpkins to your day-to-day candles, signs and photo frames, you can easily upgrade your decor by adding some funky patterns with upholstery nails. Even adding a simple border can make all the difference.


World Globe 

Another unique way to use upholstery nails is to buy an empty world globe, mapping out the world with your nails or creating your very own pattern to play with - get creative with it!


Spice Up Your Staircase Runner 

Get experimental by adding nails to your staircase runner for a more exciting and appealing look.


Level Up Your Headboard 

A headboard is a great place to start with DIY upholstery, and adding some decorative nails is the perfect way to add a brand new look. If you’re on a budget and can only afford plain, boring headboards, upholstery nails can add a more exciting look for a cheap price.


Make Pieces of Art

Get your creative juices flowing and bring some of your boring furniture back to life by adding decorative upholstery nails, who knows they might even become pieces of art!