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How To Make Your Wall Extra Gorgeous With Extra Large Wall Art

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Wall Art Ideas

Wall Art Ideas

When decorating a room artwork, one of the best options is to hang an oversized piece. Go big or go home, right? But before splurging your money on a huge art piece, there are a few things you should know.

Below are a few tips and tricks in making your boring wall into an apple of the eye.

1. Make sure your wall can accommodate an oversized art

The key to making an extra large wall art work in your favour is the wall. It’s the first thing that you must consider if you want to go big.

Do you have an empty wall that’s large enough for oversized wall art? If not, it might not be worth it to hang an oversized art at all. A small wall will not just cut it.

But if yes, now we’re talking. Some of the best places to hang an extra large wall art are your entryways, above your bed, and walls between your windows if you have one.

If you already have existing frames or shelves on these wall spaces, you might need to reorganize them or take them all down to make way for the oversized art.


2. Make a statement

If you really want to go big, you might as well make a statement! By that, we mean, choose artworks that will draw you or your visitors almost instantly. A piece that can make you stare at it for a few seconds is certainly a keeper!

Some of the best examples of these wall arts are optical illusions, famous classic paintings, and nature prints.


3. Create a gallery

One problem that you might encounter when designing with oversized art is when you buy a large piece, but it still ends up being too small for the huge wall you have.

No need to worry. There’s a workaround for that.

Here’s what you can do. Instead of going for a single piece of art, you can create a gallery of your own. Yes, just like the ones that you see in museums. Buy a couple of smaller pieces that you think will perfectly complement the bigger art. Then arrange them properly!

Another thing that you can do is if you have abstract wall art, you can cut it down into two or three smaller pieces. Yes, as in cut the art print with scissors or blade.

Breaking up a single piece then framing each downsized piece will create layers and will take bigger real estate on your wall. Problem solved!

Important: cut art prints only! Don’t do it if it’s an actual painting. 


4. Go 3D!

Sometimes, it’s fun to think outside the box. You don’t have to go the common route and buy paintings and art prints for your wall.

You can make use of three-dimensional panels as the centrepiece for your empty wall. You can also make use of sculptures that look great when hung or installed on the wall.

These 3D art pieces will certainly add texture and depth to your room whether you have a neutral colour scheme or a stylish backdrop.


5. Make sure the art blends in

Another secret in perking up your wall with extra large wall art is to do a little bit of arranging or retouching around the room. This is to make sure that your centrepiece will not feel out of place.

You have to remember that oversized arts have almost the same impact as a feature or accent wall. So they must be treated like one.

In some cases, the huge piece dictates the colour palette of the whole room. So make sure that the accessories that you’re going to place in that space will work well with the bigger piece in your room.

Another way to emphasize your oversized art is by rearranging the furniture. Do it in a way that the eyes will lead you to the wall art.

Doing these finishing touches will certainly elevate the whole design and vibe of your room.







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