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DIY Your Own Immersive Escape Room At Home 

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diy work

diy work

Nearly all of us are confined to our homes globally. The pandemic has completely upended lives across the world. 

But this does not stop us from enjoying ourselves at home. You may have gotten bored playing monopoly and binge-watching Netflix. I will give you some new ideas to amuse yourself.

Have you heard about Escape rooms? Many of you must have visited some. So you know the thrilling experience.

Van Doorne, who designed Sherlocked, says you can build a family escape room at your home or play escape room games online

A visit to Fox in a Box Escape Room Chicago gave me a bit of initiative on how to arrange the entire game at home. But if you have not visited any escape rooms, worry not. 

You do not have to be a high-end designer or a developer. You can DIY the entire setup and have fun with your family at home. It is simple, I tell you how? 

Keep it Simple

Firstly you need a theme and a compelling storyline. Set the goal for the people to complete the mission accordingly. Design a game flow with strong narratives. Thus it gets easier to keep your family or friends immersed in the game.

Arrange simple props to bring your escape room to life. Mysterious music you can search from YouTube to play in the background. Add a clock to enhance the suspense. Adding time pressure makes the game more exciting.


Add Obstacles

kids learining diy

kids learining diy

What would an escape be like if there were no obstacles? 

One thing you can do is lock your room and hide the keys as clues. Plot more clues that will take people to the key to escape. You can probably make good use of household things that people might not realise as a part of the game.

Hide codes and clues

chest box

chest box

You can hide numbers inside riddles and puzzles that will keep your participants engrossed in the game. You can also hide clues inside the boxes having combination locks.

Do not make the game too long as people might get exhausted. Keep the codes to be cracked, simple and can be solved. 

Keep in mind, the number of puzzles should be according to the number of people participating.


Make sure of your presence



Do not leave your army alone. Be an instructor and observe them from a distance. Provide your help if they are stuck.

You can leave a laptop, iPad, or a phone so that people can connect with you on video calls for help. 

Gear up yourselves and surprise your family and friends with this immersive idea to spend the weekend at home. Let them wonder how to solve the puzzles and escape the game victoriously. 

Put on your thinking cap and start building the story. Set the stage and have a wonderful weekend with your pals.