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Does Female Masturbation Cause Infertility

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lady relaxing in sauna

lady relaxing in sauna

It's a question that many ask, and one that the answer is backed by tested research and studies that allow us now respond with a resounding ‘no’.

Female masturbation does not cause infertility, and there exist both a plethora of reasons as to why that is the case. In fact, masturbation is quite a healthy activity for both your body and your sex drive, and most importantly, your fertility!

So use, love, and appreciate all the wonderful toys for women now available to help make masturbation as pleasurable as possible, as we're going to showcase to you exactly why masturbation should be an integrated and enjoyed aspect of your personal love life.

Female Masturbation is Good for Fertility

Let's get right into the fact that female masturbation is quite the opposite of a fertility inhibitor, as it can actually promote your ability to get pregnant.


Fertility and Stress

Not being able to get pregnant is plenty of stressful in and of itself, but what about the actual effect of stress on fertility?

One study showed that women with high levels of alpha-amylase, an enzyme in saliva that is indicative of high-stress levels, took nearly 30% more of the time it took those with fewer stress levels to become pregnant.

Indicating that stress is an opponent to your desire to have a child, it seems as though one of the best ways to negate this is of course to lower stress levels.

And ahh, what better way to do so than with masturbation. An orgasm and sexual fulfillment are some of the most de-stressing of events we ever feel throughout our lives, and by practicing masturbation you can help to promote the good hormones you need to get pregnant, not allowing stress to instead overwhelm with the bad.

Dopamine, the happiness hormone. Oxytocin, the love hormone. Testosterone, a driving force behind your sex drive. Prolactin, a hormone that promotes breastfeeding as well as boosts overall immunity.

And possibly the most important hormone of all released during female masturbation, endorphins! Endorphins are humans' most powerful ally in combating stress, as these hormones enhance your mood and act as natural forms of pain relief.

So when masturbation lends for so many hormonal positives, most of which are themselves fertility boosters, and that also directly lower your stress, how could one possibly view it as bad for fertility?


Masturbation and the Uterus

Masturbation helps to increase your blood flow and to relax your pelvic muscles. With this, your uterus will also contract as a form of ‘exercise’.

By working out your uterus through masturbation, it becomes stronger, and this strength will better allow it to move the sperm along and into the fallopian tubes, as this is where the actual fertilization occurs.

Implantation takes anywhere from 6 to 12 days after you ovulate and 8 to 9 days after conception, and a strengthened uterus will help to ensure that this process is fulfilled, and masturbation does not cause an ectopic pregnancy.

Studies have proven that this is the case, so on top of practicing your Kegels or taking advantage of ben wa balls, think of masturbation as another tool at increasing your chances of getting pregnant by enhancing this passage of sperm!


Masturbation and Ovulation

Many fear that masturbation will have a negative effect on their ability to properly ovulate, which of course would inhibit fertility. But the truth about the matter is that masturbation and ovulation really do not have a scientifically proven link at all.

It might seem ironic that some pregnancy trackers ask you if you reached a climax during sex while attempting to get pregnant, and this might create this misconception, but this idea is should remain as nothing more than a myth until science says otherwise!

So, the good news for those who enjoy a little self-pleasure, don't worry! Masturbation might not benefit ovulation, but it has no negative effects on it either, again solidifying that there is no link between female masturbation and infertility.


Masturbation and Sex Drive

Masturbation is not an indication that your sex life is unhealthy or that it is a replacement for sex with your partner.

It is simply a way for you to learn yourself and the things that you like when in a sexual setting so that sex can be what it should be: enjoyable!

By discovering and learning about yourself, you will be able to translate this into intimate moments with your partner, helping them to please you exactly as you have discovered you like.

On top of the fact that the hormones released during masturbation also increase your libido in general, if masturbation makes you want to have sex more, then who can argue that this would ever be a bad thing for someone trying to get pregnant?!


Takeaways of Masturbation and Fertility

If masturbation is something that you enjoy doing and that helps to satisfy your sex drive in a way that remains healthy for your relationship, then it is a life tool that will do nothing but make you happier, healthier, and more fertile.

There are no proven reasons that masturbation does anything negative to fertility, and all of the science points in the complete opposite direction, showing that it is instead a valuable asset to pregnancy.

Instead of looking at masturbating as a cause for infertility, if you are having difficulty getting pregnant, look at other life factors such as smoking, alcohol, and stress, that may cause this instead.

And of course, consult your healthcare provider for the best advice you need to make for a successful journey to pregnancy and to ensure that your infertility is not caused by an underlying disease.



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