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How To Keep Your Carpet Well Maintained? 

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Vacuuming carpet

Vacuuming carpet

A carpet is one of the most expensive things in our houses. The cost of replacing a carpet can be extremely high, especially if it’s a large carpet. Carpets are pretty important, especially in countries with colder weather like Ireland. That’s why maintaining our carpets are so important. A well-maintained carpet will last longer and look better through the years. We can’t afford to always buy new carpets, but it is affordable to take good care of the carpets that we already have. 

Tips to Keep Your Carpets Looking Good

1. Fire Prevention 

In order to prevent fire-related accidents, get carpets made out of fire-resistant material if you are going to place them near a fireplace or any other source of the fire. A fire-resistant fabric is not likely to catch on fire from small embers or smolders. 

More importantly, keep your carpet a fair distance away from our fireplace. Ensure that a fire is always attended to and is always in control when it’s within your fireplace. 


2. Dust Protection 

Perhaps the quickest way to prevent excess dirt from being tracked onto your carpet is by asking people to remove their shoes. Shoes can carry a lot of grime underneath the soles. You never what happened where you have been walking. That’s why it is just better to get rid of shoes and prevent dirt and grime from entering your house and sullying your carpets. 


3. Stain Removal 

If your carpet gets a stain, you should get cleaned as soon as possible. The more you allow it to stay, the deeper it will penetrate the fabric and the harder it is to get it out. If you have to deal with a stain immediately, don’t rub the spot. Just blot at it. You can give us a call at Emerald Carpet Cleaning (01) 254 9747, so that we can immediately take care of any stains on your carpet. 

Dust is the second biggest enemy of carpets. Carpets, by requirement, are prone to collecting a lot of dust. They stay on the floor, have big fibers for comfort, and generally are in places where there is a lot of dust in the house. Dust makes a carpet look old, even if it isn’t that bad physically. 

We shouldn’t need to tell you this, but carpets and fires aren’t good friends. You should keep those two away as far as possible. A surprisingly large number of people manage to set fire to their carpets each year. Usually, it’s from embers of a fireplace catching in a carpet and then spreading into a larger fire. There’s not much you can do to protect your carpet from a fire apart from choosing a carpet with the right fabrics. 

The biggest threat to carpets are stains, dust, and fire. Everyone knows at least one person who has spilled wine on either their carpet or their clothes. So, while you can DIY some home remedies to clean up wine stains from your carpet, they’re not always a 100% effective. The best way to deal with stains on your carpet is by preventing any from getting there in the first place. 



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