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5 Eco-Friendly Switches For Your Home That Will Help Save You Money

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Many people assume that eco-friendly products and practices cost more money, but that simply isn’t the truth. Realistically, making earth-friendly changes in your personal life can put more money back in your wallet.

Below, read about five proven ways to save money and save the environment at the same time.


Plant an eco-friendly lawn

Lawns need a lot of water. Most types of grass require at least one inch per week. If you don’t get that from rainfall, you’ll have to water your lawn using a hose or sprinkler system. Even a modest quarter-acre lot will guzzle nearly 7,000 gallons of water weekly.

You can drastically cut down on this amount of water by planting drought resistant grass, such as water-wise Kentucky bluegrass. When you do, you’ll watch your water bill plummet and feel good about conserving water, a precious natural resource.


Change your dietary habits

You can make an enormous environmental impact by changing what you eat, where you shop, and other food choices.

Cutting back on meat and animal products saves water and reduces carbon emissions. Try eating vegetarian or even vegan cuisine a couple of days a week.

Shopping at farmer’s markets or locally-owned grocery stores ensures you get the freshest ingredients, primarily produce. Because your food spends less time in transit, it stays fresher. That reduces food waste and cuts back on fuel used to ship goods. 


Invest in sustainable products

The greenest product you can use is the one you already have. Still, when things run out, making sustainable swaps saves. For example, while LED light bulbs sometimes cost more money upfront, they cut back on your energy bill drastically.

Another great example is appliances. When buying a new machine, opt for one with a superior Energy Star rating. You’ll notice the savings add up over the years.

Finally, avoid plastic wherever possible. Single-use plastics are the worst, but even reusable plastic wears out faster than glass or silicone.


Switch to cold water

Hot water is an excellent disinfectant but isn’t usually the most important one in cleaning. For that reason, you can use cold water instead, especially in your laundry machine. The combination of soap, agitation, and rinsing in the washing machine gets things clean.


Unplug it all

“Ghost” appliances are items that use electricity when plugged in, even when you’re not using them. It might surprise you that many household electronics you wouldn’t expect eat up electricity whenever you leave them plugged in.

Some examples include home entertainment electronics, office equipment, chargers, coffee machines, and even toasters. 

Some items like computers and printers may need to remain plugged in, but others, especially small kitchen appliances, can easily be unplugged. You can plug items into a power strip and turn that off to make it super simple.


Go green to save green

Contrary to popular belief, many sustainable, eco-friendly choices lead to more money in your wallet. The five tips above – along with many others – save both money and the planet.







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