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Benefits Of An Electric Inspection

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Advantages Of An Electric Inspection

Your house’s safety is your priority. There are plenty of things that can threaten your house’s safety, and one of the most common ones is faulty electrical wires or fixtures. An electric malfunction can not only put a dent in your bank account but can also be life-threatening. Don’t worry, and we are not here to scare you silly. There is an easy way to make sure that your house and family remain safe from any potential dangers of an electrical emergency. So, how do you make sure your house remains safe? The answer to that question is simple – through timely electric inspections done by professional electrician in Withers WA.

Electric inspections should never be ignored or delayed and hiring an experienced Glenco industrial electrician will ensure a good job. Before we move on to the benefits of electric inspections, let us shed some light on when electrical inspections are necessary. We will also briefly discuss the signs that indicate your electric lines need to be inspected.

Electric Inspection

electrical inspection

When should you get an electric inspection?

Are you not sure whether or not you should get an electric inspection done in your house? Here are a few occasions when an electrical inspection is really necessary:

  • When you are buying a new house
  • If you haven’t had your house inspected in over a decade
  • If you have had renovations or repairs done recently
  • If your house was damaged due to a natural disaster or any other reason
  • If your house is exhibiting electrical problems


Signs of electric malfunction

Electric malfunctions do not happen overnight. It can start with just a small spark, which if not dealt with, can result in a huge fire. Worry not, because we will tell you the telltale signs that indicate that you might have an electric malfunction.

One of the first signs is flickering or dimmed lights. And this indicates that the circuit is overloaded. It could either mean that you have plugged too many appliances to a single circuit, or that your wiring is failing. Another sign is bad smells. If you smell a burning scent in your house, you should call an electrician right away. It could be an indication of fire in the wiring. Sparks and shocks also indicate electric malfunction. If you frequently get shocked or see sparks in the electric socket, get your house inspected as soon as possible.

Electric Inspection

Prevention of Electrical Accidents

Benefits of electric inspection

By now, you must have enough information as to when and why an electric inspection should take place. But if you still have doubts, here are seven benefits that will help make up your mind for sure.


1. Decreased fire risk

Do you know what the most common cause of the fire is? Yes, you guessed right; it is faulty electrical wires. A fire can result in a total home or business loss. However, with regular electric inspection, the risk of fire is greatly decreased. A trained and skilled electrician can catch a faulty wire before it can short circuit. They will also make sure to inspect all electrical fixtures to ensure that there is no risk of malfunction. They will also give you advice and tell you about the warning signs that can result in fires.


2. Efficiency in operations

For your electrical appliances to run smoothly, you need a problem-free electrical grid. A faulty wire or plug can decrease the efficiency and life of your electrical items. For instance, if the wiring of your house is worn off, it will take longer for your appliances to perform their duties. By getting an electric inspection, the electrician can pinpoint the problem and fix it so that your electrical appliances will give you optimal performance. 


3. A decrease in electrical bills

Have you noticed a sudden spike in your electrical bills? If yes, then you should call an expert to perform an electrical inspection. If your electric wires don’t get enough power, they work overtime to give you optimal results, which results in over consumption of electricity. Regular electric inspection can help decrease the electric bills. You can use the extra money to go on a vacation! It’s a win-win situation.


4. Say goodbye to appliance malfunction

Electrical appliances are an investment. They are not like plates or glasses that you can replace if it gets damaged or broken. It only takes one faulty electrical wire to fry up your pricey microwave. If you want to make sure your appliances work smoothly and don’t malfunction, then you should get a regular electric inspection done in your house as well as the office.


5. Community standards

There are a few electrical standards every community must follow to avoid fines. If your house or office do not meet these standards, you might end up paying an obscene amount of money during the inspection. An electrical inspection is a must to avoid this bad situation. A trained and skilled electrician can make sure that your house meets all the community standards. That way, you will not have to pay the penalty because of outdated or faulty electrical fixtures.


6. Save money in the long run

A full-on electric disaster can cost you an arm and a leg in repair, or possible replacement. If the electrical wires and switches in your house are not inspected regularly, they will continue to wear and tear. Any sparks from a single wire can affect the surrounding wires as well, doubling the damage. However, regular electric inspection will save you the cost of replacing multiple wires by catching the faulty one in time.


7. Safety first

Faulty electrical wires are not just a fire hazard but can also cause you injury. An electric shock is not only unpleasant but can also cause burns. There is no compromising when it comes to the safety of you and your family. Regular electric inspection can help keep this problem at bay and keep you secure.

Electric Inspection

How To Avoid Electrical Accidents

What things will an electric inspector examine?

An electric inspector will examine some things in your house or office to make sure they are safe and pose no hazard. They will make sure that anything faulty is either repaired or replaced right away. Following are the main things that an electric inspector will examine:

  • Outlets – to make sure that they are fine physically and are in perfect working condition.
  • Wiring – look for damaged or charred wires and replace them.
  • Faulty points – fix or replace to avoid short circuits or electrical surges
  • Electric panel – make sure that the wiring and connection are secure.



There you have it, folks. These are just a few benefits of electric inspection. Make sure that you have regular inspections in your house as well as your business to make sure everything keeps running smoothly. With regular inspections, the chances of accidents are greatly reduced. Remember, this is not something you should delay. Stay safe, guys!



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