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Essential Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips For Canberra Homes

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You buy an AC unit, you have it installed and you start enjoying the comfortable temperatures it creates in your home, or in your commercial property. The job is done, right? You don’t have to worry about anything else anymore regarding the unit, until the time comes to repair something, or replace it altogether? Is that really so? No. No, it isn’t.

Ever heard of air conditioning maintenance? Regularly maintaining your unit is of crucial importance, and it is one of the services you can get from Canberra professionals, together with those you can see if you click here and take a more detailed look at the website. If you don’t really get what the process of maintenance entails, you will get a clearer idea about it with the help of a few tips below.

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    Clean the Air Filter

The air filters serve to provide your home with, well, clean air. They also have a huge impact on the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Thus, if you don’t clean them regularly, your AC won’t function efficiently, and you won’t be happy with the temperature in your home. Cleaning this part of the unit is certainly an important step in the maintenance process, so remember to do it frequently. Of course, at one point, you may also need to replace the filters.


  • Remove Dirt from the Outdoor Unit

The cleanliness of your outdoor unit also plays a role in the proper functioning of the device. Removing dirt from the outdoor unit is, therefore, extremely important as well. Depending on where the outdoor part is installed, you may be able to reach it on your own, or you may need professional help, but the bottom line is that this has to be done.


  • Check Refrigerant Levels

Checking refrigerant levels is another thing that has to be done. Low levels of refrigerant will hinder the performance of the air conditioner. Once again, this is something you may be able to do on your own if you have the skills and the tools, but you could also hire professionals to check this for you rather quickly.

If you’re still in the process of buying, though, you may need some tips on how to choose the perfect device: https://build.com.au/how-choose-air-conditioner 


  • Ensure Regular Professional Maintenance

Even if there are some things you can do alone, such as cleaning the filters for example, the most important thing to understand here is that you should have the unit regularly maintained by professionals. Professional services are a must here, so don’t ignore that or thing that you can do everything on your own. Instead, hire professionals to do the necessary work on a regular basis.

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Why Regular Maintenance is Key to Air Conditioning Efficiency in Canberra

Wondering why regular maintenance is so important? It is the key to the efficient functioning of your Canberra AC unit, and it is time for you to understand why. This way, you will know better than to ignore the need for hiring professionals to maintain the device. Instead, you will understand the importance of it and you wills schedule the necessary services on time.


  • It Keeps the Unit Function Perfectly

If you don’t do anything to maintain the air conditioning unit, it may continue working, but you will definitely notice that it isn’t working as perfectly as it was in the beginning. Don’t assume that this is normal and that the efficiency has to decrease over time, especially if the device isn’t exactly that old. Basically, with proper maintenance, you will ensure the perfect functioning of your unit, and possibly even extend its lifetime.


  • It Saves You Money

Given that the device will function efficiently, your bills won’t be sky high. In fact, if you notice unusually high bills, that should be your first sign that efficiency is reduced and that you need professional help to return the device to its previous, perfectly functioning state. If it isn’t operating efficiently, the bills are likely to increase. On the other hand, when you maintain your AC regularly, the bills will be at a normal level, and you will, thus, save money.


  • It Reduces the Need for Repairs

One more reason why maintenance is crucial for efficiency is because it reduces the need for repairs. Basically, when you have professionals frequently checking the unit, they will notice if something is not right and if you need some quick and easy fixes performed. This way, you will avoid more serious issues and, therefore, more costly repairs. This will help you save even more money, which is definitely an amazing benefit to keep in mind.


Common Air Conditioning Repairs in Canberra

Even with regular maintenance, your unit may need some repairs at one point. Sometimes, that is unavoidable. If you’re curious as to what the most common AC repairs in Canberra actually are, I’ll tell you about those below. I’ll group the minor and the major issues together, and thus get you acquainted with some problems you may expect to face. And, it goes without saying that the repairs have to be done by professionals, so remember to hire them if you notice any problems.


  • Minor Issues

A frozen coil is one of those minor issues that could sometimes even be solved without professional help. Even so, I always recommend hiring professionals, because they’ll know what to do even if you’re not sure. A bad thermostat, refrigerant leaks, and dirty filters are also minor issues that could require repairs but that will be resolved in no time, especially if you hire the perfect professionals for the jobs.


  • Major Issues

Electric control failures, compressor problems, leaks… Those could be some major issues that will definitely require the attention of professionals. Since you will only notice the signs, such as your AC blowing hot air, or not turning on, or something else, you won’t exactly know whether the issue at hand is minor or major, which only goes to confirm that hiring professionals to check the unit and do the repairs if necessary is of utmost importance.







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