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Essential Clothing You Should Have For Doing Repairs Around The House

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Safety Protective Work Equipment. Yellow Helmet, Glasses, Gloves and Mask. Protection Gear Closeup.

Safety Protective Work Equipment. Yellow Helmet, Glasses, Gloves and Mask. Protection Gear Closeup.

The most essential clothing for any projects at home includes those that give you protection against injuries and keep you comfortable. That way you can move around the house and complete the tasks with ease.


Depending on the type of project you are working on, it is best to wear something that would give the whole body protection like an overall. Coveralls come in different types and materials. If you are not comfortable with wearing one with long sleeves, you can always switch to shorter sleeves.

If you would rather stay with clothes you can wear any other day, you can wear simple long sleeves and a pair of comfortable leggings. Fortunately, brands like P.E. Nation and Lululemon offer you comfortable leggings you can wear. Just remember to wear an apron on top to protect your clothes from dirt and spills.


Safety Glasses

Always value your sense of sight when doing repairs at home. Simple accidents brought by flying splinters of wood and other sharp objects can cause severe damage to the eyes.

You can invest in basic protective eyewear at least, which you can get an affordable price. However, you will get the most protection with wraparound versions. Some safety glasses come tinted, too, which are great for outdoor projects

Did you know that you can also get custom-made prescription safety glasses should you need one of these?



Safety gloves are also available in different types. Depending on the type of material, a pair of gloves can provide protection against heat, puncture, impact, vibration, and chemicals.

The most basic type of safety gloves consists of breathable fabric, which allows you to move your hand easily. On the other hand, leather gloves provide better protection against heat, sharp objects, and abrasive surfaces. Gloves coated with latex, polyurethane, and nitrile are useful during applications involving chemicals.


Hearing Protection

It is a must to wear ear protection when working in a loud environment. Each time you work on a chainsaw, drill, or outdoor equipment, your ears process excessive levels of decibels. Wearing ear protection should be mandatory during these times.

You can choose from 3 main types of ear protection; earmuffs, earplugs, or semi-insert earplugs. Of the three though, earplugs provide the best protection. They seal the ear canal to limit the soundwaves that enter the ears. You can also check hearing protection reviews.

If you are working on a chainsaw that creates 120 decibels of sound, you reduce the effect to 100 decibels when you wear 20-dB earplugs.


Respirators or Masks

Respirators and masks also come in different types and specifications. You need to use one when doing any work that would create dust and other particles to linger in the air. Without a mask, these tiny foreign particles will enter the lungs effortlessly and put your health at risk.

The same should be done when working on chemicals like paint and thinner. Wear a mask even on simple painting projects at home to reduce the inhalation of fumes. While a mask is a lot better than wearing none at all, you should also consider a respirator for applications with greater air contamination.



While work boots protect the feet from falling objects, other boots also help reduce accidents caused by different factors. You can wear a pair of all-around work boots or boots that provide protection against a specific hazard. Here are the different types of work boots you can choose from:

  • Oil resistant work boots
  • Electrical hazard work boots
  • Steel-toe workboots
  • Compsite toe work boots
  • Insulated work boots
  • Water-resistant work boots
  • Heat-resistant work boots
  • Slip-resistant work boots
  • Puncture-resistant work boots
  • Metatarsal guard work boots

When choosing a pair of work boots, go for a style that gives protection against several hazards instead of just one to make the most of the purchase.


Knee Pads

Any projects that involve working on the floor or gardening would require a good pair of knee pads. Knee pads provide protection on tasks that require prolonged moments of kneeling and bending. Wearing at least a basic pair of knee pads will protect and support the knee bones and ligaments and reduce injuries.


Importance of Wearing Proper Clothing for Home Repairs

Did you know that 1 in every 5 DIYers or around 13 million Americans get injured when working on home improvements every year? As much as you would like to not fall victim to accidents, it is difficult to remain on the safe side as these things are not predictable.

Protection Against Injuries

While wearing essential clothing for doing repairs around the house does not avoid accidents, it can reduce the risks of injuries due to misuse of equipment, slip, trip, and fall, and other unforeseen events.


Avoid Medical and Hospital Expenses

If you think investing in clothing or safety gear for doing repairs around your house, just think of how much you would spend on medicine and hospital bills if you would get injured. That would easily make you think twice about skipping wearing the best clothing and safety gear.


Avoid Pain and Suffering

When you get involved in an accident at home, you might have to go through physical and emotional pain at the same time. Needless to say, it would take a person some time to fully recover physically and mentally. Wearing the right clothing and safety equipment can save you from pain.



You should make safety your number one priority when working on improvements and repairs at home. The essential clothing you should have for doing repairs around the house should protect you and keep you comfortable. Boots, gloves, safety glasses, and earplugs may not completely avoid accidents, yet they are always the best way to reduce injuries.







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