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Factors Affecting Pricing Of Men’s Belts

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men's belt

men's belt

Men of all ages like to play different sports for relaxing and remaining fit. For most of these sports like golf, the player will be involved in vigorous activity applying great force, jumping or walking fast. Hence the pants if not properly fitted will become loose, and the player will not be comfortable. Hence men are wearing a belt while playing sports, especially if their waist line is fluctuating. There are a large number of companies manufacturing different types of belts for men, and some of the main factors which determine the cost of a men’s sports belt are discussed below.

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One of the main factors which determines the cost of the belt is the design of the belt, since it is related to manufacturing cost and material which is required. In some cases, like the men's webbing belt, the design is very simple. The 3.5 cm wide belt has clasp type buckle at one end and a snap fit at the other end. So the manufacturing effort is less. In other cases especially for braided belts with multiple layers, the design is more complex, including elastic section and other materials. So more time and money will be required to manufacture the belt, so this will result in a higher price for the belt.


Material used

Polyester is cheaper than leather, spandex or other stretchable material, so the belt which uses only polyester and metal will be far cheaper than leather belts. Some of the golf belts are using stretchable elastic material near both the ends of the belt, so that it will fit perfectly for each user according to his waist size. The belts are also having leather end pieces to make them more stylish. This adds to the cost of making the belt. Braided belts are using a combination of different materials like polyester,rubber and pu, have multiple layers and a complex design, so they cost more.

men's black belt

men's black belt


Another major factor determining the price of the belt is the demand for the belt. In addition to the design, the popularity of the belt depends to some extent on the color. Since most sports are played outdoors, the players will sweat and the belt will become dirty. So if the player is wearing a white belt, the dirt will be easily visible. So many of the men purchasing the belt will prefer to purchase a darker color, black or gray colored belt where the dirt will not be visible. Since most businesses do not want to keep items which do not sell in stock for a longer period of time, they are offering discounts on some products like white belts, reducing the price to a great extent.

In other cases, the users may not prefer the design of the belt. For example the users may not like to wear stretchable belts, which use nylon with polyester and rubber. So the user is listing these belts at a lower price. The newer braided belts are using better materials, combining Elastane with Polyester for a better fit and comfort. Usually there is no discount for the latest designs of belts, so they are more expensive.







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