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10 Facts About Dirty Carpets (You Probably Didn’t Know)

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dirty carpet

dirty carpet

Secrets That Your Dirty Carpet Could Be Keeping From You

The right carpet can make any room look nice and inviting – especially when it’s in peak shape. However, like every other object in your home, carpets can also get dirty, and this can affect you in various ways. Sairam of has shared some interesting facts about dirty carpets that you probably didn’t know. Let’s delve in.

1. Your Carpets Can Be Home to Germs and Viruses that Make You Ill

Think of your carpet’s fibres as if they were a filter or a sponge: they will soak up everything that comes in their direction. You may clean it every day, but your shoes, feet, or pet’s paws keep bringing germs and viruses that can make you ill. The Norovirus, for instance, may survive up to 6 weeks in your carpet, and it can cause symptoms that look like food poisoning. It can also go airborne when you walk over the carpet and disturb it.


2. The Longer You Wait to Clean a Stain, the More Difficult It Will Become

When staining the carpet, there are two paths you may take: you either clean the stain right away or leave it for later. “The carpet is already stained, what difference is it going to make?” is what many people say when faced with a stain. However, an old stain is much more difficult to remove as compared to a new stain. The more you leave it there, the more it will take to get it off.


3. Sandy Soil Can Damage Your Carpet Greatly

If you part the pile in your carpet and take a good look there, you’ll probably see that it has a layer of sandy soil that not even the vacuum cleaner can reach. The problem is that, with time, this soil can damage your carpet. While it is usually not visible, it will continue to grind into your carpet and damage it further as you walk over it.


4. Carpets Are Usually the Main Source of Allergies

Have you ever wondered why you’ve lately been sneezing as your life depends on it? Well, bad news for those prone to rhinitis, eczema, asthma, and other allergies: your carpet may be a cause of it. Carpets can have numerous pest droppings and allergens caught into them and you won’t be able to vacuum them. This may increase your chances of having an allergic reaction.

couple cleaning carpet

couple cleaning carpet

5. Carpets Get Heavier the Dirtier They Are

Here’s a fun fact: a carpet can hold about four times its weight, and this includes dirt. Have you noticed how the carpet seems somehow heavier when you take it to the cleaners? Well, the dirt build-up is mainly the cause for that. Vacuuming can help, but you need to give it a regular deep clean as well.


6. Dirty Carpets Can Serve as Home to Bugs

Your carpet can hold just as many fleas as your cat or dog. Carpets have a certain degree of warmth and fluff, making them a very comfortable hiding spot for bugs. Plus, considering the dirt that is often packed in your carpets, you may see why they’d make their home there.


7. Walking Over Dirty Carpets with Shoes on Can Trap the Dirt In

Your shoes are not only packed with bacteria and dirt, but they may also flatten and lock the dirt inside the carpet. When you are walking barefoot or with home shoes, then you won’t be damaging your carpet as much. Outdoor shoes are tougher, which will press heavily on the fibres and cause them to become locked inside the carpet.

dirty shoe carpet

dirty shoe carpet

8. Dirt and Greasy Residue Are Attracted to Carpets

Yes, dirt and greasy residue like carpets. And regardless of how much you may want to avoid it, you’ll still eventually drag grease all over it. Take the toast phenomenon, as it almost always falls butter-side down. Your floor and carpet attract all kinds of dirt and messes, which means that your carpet is probably dirtier than you ever imagined.


9. Vacuuming Doesn’t Always Pull Out All the Dirt

Vacuuming is not always enough to pull the dirt out of your carpet. Sure, it might pull some of it, but the rest will cling to your carpet’s fibres. With time, it will lead to a lot of build-ups. This is why the carpet needs to be washed as well, at least seasonally. Dry cleaning can be done as well, but shampooing and hot water extraction are also recommended.


10. The 5-Second Rule Doesn’t Apply

If you trusted the five-second rule when dropping food, you shouldn’t be so trusting anymore. The five-second rule is a busted myth, and while some circumstances might lead to a smaller bacteria transfer, there is still a certain degree of it. Rest assured that if you drop something sticky on the already germ-contaminated carpet, the germs won’t be waiting five seconds to stick to your food.


The Bottom Line

Dirty carpets hide many bad things for your health, which is why you need to deep clean them regularly. This will keep your home environment in peak condition. We hope you found this article interesting.







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