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Five Essential Tools You Can’t Go Without When Carrying Out Your Home Renovation

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Planning your home renovation is an exciting time as you take the first steps towards turning your dreams of a perfect home into a reality. However, in amongst fantasies of heated floors and luxurious wet rooms, it is important not to neglect some more mundane tools that are essentials when carrying out your renovation work. Here are five essential tools that you can’t go without when carrying out your home renovation to help you out.

1. Spirit level

A spirit level is an incredibly useful tool for a range of construction and home renovation tasks. The central vial contains liquid and just enough air to form an air bubble, which centers itself between two markers when level. As such, a spirit level can be used to ensure accuracy when carrying out a range of home renovation tasks, from hanging pictures and shelves to fitting kitchen cabinets. They are commonly available for a low price at home DIY stores such as Home Depot.


2. Dumpster

Your home renovation project is likely to produce a lot of trash, from ripping out old fixtures and fittings to removing old tiles and carpets. However, how can you dispose of this trash efficiently without numerous trips to the dump or letting it pile up in your yard? Hiring a dumpster is a great solution, as you can keep the dumpster at your property for the duration of your renovation project, and it can then be taken away again to be disposed of appropriately. Dumpsters are available to hire in every state; for instance, search for Roll-off Dumpsters in Arkansas for a dumpster hire agency in that state.


3. Power drill

A power drill is an essential tool when carrying out home renovation work. They are packed with useful features to ensure the utmost accuracy and success for your projects, such as technology to ensure drilling accuracy and different drill heads suitable for a range of materials.  So, whether you are constructing a garden shed or simply putting up a set of shelves, there is a power drill out there to suit your requirements and budget.


4. Extension cord

When you are carrying out your home renovations, you are likely to be working in tight spaces that are sometimes quite a distance away from a plug socket or the main electrical supply for your property. This can make it difficult for you to carry out work using corded electrical tools. An extension cord from Electrical Wholesalers, Inc. New England will solve this issue as it will enable you to use a mains electricity supply at a distance.


5. Tape measure

A tape measure will enable you to accurately measure anything from the height of a room to the length of a kitchen cabinet, helping you to avoid such issues as a cabinet getting stuck in the door. They are commonly available for low prices at DIY stores, but take care when using them – a steel tape measure could give you a nasty cut.