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The Best Methods To Insulate Your Walls And The Energy Saving Benefits

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insulated wall home

insulated wall home

It is important that you choose the best material for insulating your home. Consider your energy usage as well as how the various kinds of insulation material can save you money and make your home more efficient. This will have the benefit of reducing your heating and cooling bills and even stifling the noise of the outdoors. In order to make the best choice for your property, take a look at this list of the most efficient materials available to you.

Thermal Wall Paint

When you trade in your bulky insulation for a sleek coat of paint with thermal properties, you are making the appearance of your home chic and polished. This paint often has a ceramic base that coats a surface in a tight,thin layer that sandwiches a layer of air. This layer keeps any cold or hot air from travelling out and it can really preserve the temperature of your home. Thermal wall paint has been shown to hinder the transference of temperature by up to 35%.


Internal Foil Insulation

The shiny, reflective surface of foil wall insulation is well known to reflect heat and prevent its induction through the material. Just as it is used to perfectly cook foods, it can be used to enhance the heating of your home. Not only does foil prevent heat from escaping a room, but it can actually reflect the heat back into the centre of the room.

insulated walls

insulated walls

Foam Board Insulation

Also called "rigid foam", this material is surprisingly thin for how well it insulates. Because it is a fire hazard, it must be covered by a half-inch of gypsum board or similar building material. This is necessary for all interior installation. If it is put in an exterior wall, this insulation must be protected from extreme weather conditions. This insulation is more commonly used than other kinds, so it might be a little easier to find.

insulated wall inside home

insulated wall inside home

Cavity Wall Insulation

This form of insulation is one of the greenest on the list. It consists of each wall containing cavities on the interior that contain a material that traps the air. This prevents the transference of heat and keeps in cool air.

The insulation for your home is one of the most important factors of it. There are many types of insulation, such as insulation for metal buildings, but they can all have amazing energy saving benefits and help you save money and energy in the long term.



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