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Transforming Your Kitchen Space? Get Ahead With Marble Benchtops!

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Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Accessories

Interior décor of your kitchen needs to be glamorous but functionable. You can achieve this by a combination of great wall paint, beautiful cabinets and fancy kitchen appliances. But one thing that is usually forgotten when it comes to sprucing up your kitchen is benchtops.

If you live in Melbourne and are looking to get that kitchen facelift, why not consider marble benchtops? They turn up the dial when it comes to making your cooking area more attractive, and the best thing is that the company offers them in various colors. The marble benchtops are also available in plenty of various designs and if you want one, speak to Kemals today and see what they have in stock. 

You can select one design that suits your kitchen and compliments how you’ve set it up, without drawing too much attention to it.

Should You Install the Caesarstone Marble Benchtops in Your Kitchen?

Caesarstone Marble Benchtops are made up of stainless, scratch resistant materials. They are a reputable name in the world of countertops and many people in Melbourne and across the world have them installed in their kitchens.

The benchtops are of high-quality and longevity is not an issue if you take care of it. There are a number of advantages when installing Caesarstone countertops as listed below: 

  • They are Non-Porous 
  • They are versatile in appearance
  • They are durable 
  • They require little to maintenance 

They also have their drawbacks despite being a great material to up your decor game. These include the following:

  • They are quite expensive 
  • Caesarstone Marble Benchtops are heavy 
  • They can get damaged easily

If these drawbacks are a turn off, you can always opt for QuartzStone12.


Heard of Quartzstone12? You’re Going to Love It!

These are reconstituted quartz benchtops made from 93.5-95% Quartz stone. The final product is a combination of this stone and a special formula enabling the benchtop to withstand the elements, UV rays and chemicals with great success compared to other materials in the market.

You can use QuartzStone12 for your kitchen tops, or bathrooms and they will transform the spaces beautifully. If you are interested, speak to Kemals today and get to know all about this great option for a benchtop.

QuartzStone12 is considered by many to be the best modern option to granite and marble benchtops. Its popularity over the years has risen by 34% so, having it in your kitchen, or bathrooms will give your house that modern, suave look you’ve been searching for.


Final thoughts

If you are about to renovate your home’s kitchen and you want a more stable and thick material, look along the lines of QuartzStone12. Natural benchtops give a conspicuous and matchless feature to any kitchen. They’re also reasonably priced for such a beautiful item. Ensure you read all the terms of your warranty before you buy any marble countertops to get your money’s worth.

You can get the same day installation when you are renovating your kitchen benchtop. Speak to Kemals today and they will take you to the professionals to make your kitchen look special and unique with their marble kitchen benchtops.



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