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Four Modern And Stylish Trends For Concrete Driveways

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Do you want to help your concrete driveway stand out from the other homes in the neighbourhood? You will find a range of fun and modern trends that can be used with concrete driveways to provide you with the look that you’ve always wanted. Take some time to think about what might work well for your space.

Adding Colour to the Concrete

A nice and simple way to provide your driveway with some added visual appeal is by adding some colour. You can choose from a wide range of stains and tints that can work well for your driveway. Whether you want something that has a neutral appearance, or you prefer to make a bolder statement, you can find options that could work well for you.


Using Exposed Aggregate

One of the most popular options is to use exposed aggregate. With exposed aggregate driveways, after the concrete has been poured, the top layer is removed. This will expose the gravel and stone beneath, which creates a beautiful appearance. It comes in many different colours, as well. One of the other benefits of using this option is that it provides a natural texture that makes it slip-resistant. This is a nice choice for driveways that might otherwise get slippery when wet. It can also work nicely around the pool.


Using Honed Aggregate

Perhaps you like the look of exposed aggregate, but you want it to have a smoother finish and not quite as much texture. Honed aggregate is a great choice. It has the look that you want, but it remains smooth.


Liquid Limestone

Perhaps you want to choose something stronger than traditional concrete. Opting for liquid limestone might be a good idea. You can choose from pattern cuts or a regular slab that has control joints. The look and the durability of this option could be just what you have been hoping to find.

Whether you opt for exposed aggregate or another option for your concrete driveway, you must work with the professionals. Make sure that you find and choose a reputable company such as Seamless Concrete with the experience and know-how your driveway deserves.







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