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Simple Tips To Make Your Kitchen A Healthy Place

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Make your kitchen a part of your healthy lifestyle. A healthy kitchen shows how healthy you are. It is the place where you spend time cooking delicious meals for your family and eat with them. It has to be well maintained and hygienic.

A healthy kitchen does not mean a luxuries space with over the board interior. It simply means how the kitchen is supporting your healthy wellbeing. All you need to have a hygienic and workable place. Here in this article we will share with you some amazing tips and tricks for a healthy makeover of your kitchen.

Cleanliness Is the Best Policy

Do not let the gunk and dirt get stuck to the countertops and shelves of the kitchen otherwise it will attract the cockroaches and flies. Make sure to clean all the countertops and stovetops daily and make sure no food particles or grease is left on them. Kitchen is the safest place for bacteria and fungus to grow, so deeply cleanse it every week. You can use organic detergent and washing liquid to clean the sink. An all-natural and effective idea is to make a solution of vinegar, baking soda to clean the sink.


Make Your Own Herb Garden

Fresh herbs are great for health. They don’t just add flavor and aroma to your meals but also make it more nutritious. Store bought herbs are nowhere closer to fresh herbs in terms of aroma and flavor. The best way to make fresh herbs a part of your meals is to make a small herb garden in your kitchen.

You can choose a spot right next to the window for your herbs garden. This will add the freshness to the kitchen. Also try to use less salt and go for lemon, herbs, spices and vinegars. Switch to Himalayan pink salt as a better option than the highly refined white table salt. Himalayan salt is non-refined salt without any additives so using this can be quite helpful in maintaining your health. You can visit Ittefaq Salt to know more about this salt.


Get Rid of Leftovers

Try to get rid of leftover food before it gets spoiled. If you are not going to use it later than give it to someone needy. Leftover food is likely to get rotten and become the home of bacteria. Having spoiled food in the kitchen or even in the refrigerator can give off stench.


Make the Drinking Water More Visible

Keep you and your family hydrated all the times. Buy a small sized water pitcher and put on the dining table in easy reach of everyone. This will make sure that nobody forgets to drink water while in the kitchen.


Put a Fruit Bowl on the Table

Eating fruits can be really beneficial for your health and to make sure you do not forget to eat fruits daily, place a beautiful bowl carrying seasonal fruits in the center of the dining table. It will also add color and beauty to the kitchen.


Keep Track Of the Inventory

Keeping a track of all the kitchen items is very important. Regularly check inventory and make list of items that are running out of stock or reaching expiry date. Use the items immediately that are going to expire. Restock the items that are running out.


Restock the Kitchen with More Healthy Options

Stock up your kitchen with healthful foods that would be beneficial for your wellbeing. Throw away all the processed foods and buy organic and whole food items for your kitchen. For example: organic vegetables and fruits are great for health as they are free from pesticides and chemicals.

Instead of refined grains, go for whole grains that are packed with essential nutrients. Also stock your kitchen with protein rich foods such as milk, eggs, meats, and fish. Never stock your fridge with fizzy or energy drinks. These drinks pose harmful effects on health.

All these above mentioned easy and effective tips will really help you to maintain a healthy kitchen and healthy you.


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