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Proper Solar Panel Installation Process

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Solar energy

Solar energy

A solar system comprises solar panels, a mounting system, a solar inverter, and a controller. The solar panel generated DC, which is converted into AC with the help of an inverter so that you can use it in your household. Solar panels are commonly installed on the roof in a specific place and direction to fetch maximum sunlight.

Solar panels have become very popular as they are a cheap source of electricity generation in the long run. Installing solar panels requires utmost precision so that you obtain benefits from them. This blog guides you through the solar panel installation process.   

1) Installation of Mounting

The first step of installing the solar panel is to establish the mounts. The mounts will support the solar panels. The mounts are of different types, and you should choose the one suitable for your solar installation. Install the solar panels in the direction of sunlight. 

If your destination lies in the northern hemisphere, your solar panel must align in the south and vice-versa. You can employ a solar tracker to check the conversion efficiency of the panels. You must align the mounts at an angle ranging from 18 to 36 degrees to obtain maximum benefit.


2) Installing the solar panel

Once you have successfully installed the mounting, the next step is attaching the solar panel. Connect the solar panel with the mounting with the help of nuts and bolts. Tighten the nuts and bolts properly so that the panel does not move here and remain fixed to the position. 


3) Connecting the wiring 

Once the panel is in place, the next step of solar installation is connecting them with wiring help. Usually, MC4 connectors are used as they are solar-panel friendly. 

You can connect the panel in series as well as in parallel connection. The only difference in serial wiring is that it increases the voltage, whereas the voltage remains the same in the case of parallel wiring. 


4) Connecting the system with an invertor

To connect your panels with the invertor. To do so, attach the positive wire of the solar panel to the positive terminal of the inverter and similarly connect the negative wire of the solar panel with the negative terminal of the invertor. Afterwards, the inverter is connected with the battery and grid to generate electricity.   


5) Connecting solar battery with solar inverter 

The next step is to connect the solar battery to the solar inverter. To do so, attach the positive terminal of the solar battery with the positive terminal of the solar inverter and similarly connect the negative terminal of the solar battery with the negative terminal of the solar inverter. 

Installing the inverter is essential as it provides backup when there is no electricity backup. 


6) Connecting the solar inverter with the grid  

Now, connect the inverter with the grid. To do so, connect, use a standard switch to connect the grid with the main power switchboard. There is an output wire as well, which will supply the electricity to the house.


7) Switch on the invertor

Once all the other connections are in place, you need to start the inverter by switching on the main plug. Your invertor will have a digital display which will show all the statistics related to the generation of electricity and about the usage too. 


Last few words

After solar installation, it is equally necessary to take good care of the panels. Though solar panels need little maintenance, you should check them a couple of times a year. The panel may get dirt and dust, and it is crucial to remove it so that its efficiency is not affected. 

Do not clean them yourself. You can ask the installer to clean the panels regularly.  







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