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5 Futuristic Gadgets For Your Modern Home

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kitchen countertops chimney cabinets

kitchen countertops chimney cabinets

With the advancement of technology and turning homes into “smart homes,” the days of The Jetsons may finally become a reality. We might not have flying cars yet, but the following useful gadgets are more attainable than ever. From helping to keep your home clean and germ-free to space-saving shower pods, read on to find the most interesting gadgets for your modern home.

1. Air Sanitizers

Not overlooking the fact that everyone is hyper-aware of germs these days. Most people have heard of, and probably used, an air filtration system for things like allergies, asthma, and pet smells, you may not have heard of UV-C light technology, which can kill the germs in a room without the use of harsh chemicals. 

UV Air Sanitizers have the power to kill or incapacitate bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses by destroying the DNA of dangerous pathogens that pass through the light. This is an extremely powerful technology to eliminate airborne germs and facilitate clean air.

With different sizes available on the market, including plug-in models, you’re sure to find one to fit your modern home style. They are also designed to fit seamlessly into your decor without becoming an eye-sore.


2. Self-Sterilizing Door Handle

In keeping with the theme of cleanliness, let’s not overlook the self-sterilizing door handle. Winner of the 2019 James Dyson Awards, this door handle is the future of homes and offices everywhere. The UV lamp inside the door handle sterilizes itself when not in use and turns off while being used, conserving the internal generator’s lifespan.

The design is simple and effective. People are prone to grab cleaning products first to clean up high-traffic areas, but the cleaning products used are easy to wipe off and harmful to humans and pets. The self-sterilizing door handle design has high durability and effectiveness. When we become complacent with germ control and mitigation in our homes, this door handle will continue working.


3. Electric Fireplaces

living room fireplace

living room fireplace

Electric fireplaces are an often overlooked element when designing or thinking about a future modern home. We have come a long way from traditional wood or pellet-burning fireplaces, and today there are more options than ever. An electric fireplace can be a beautiful focal point in a living room, outdoor kitchen, or even a double-sided fireplace in the master bedroom and bathroom.

In addition to the design elements they add to a modern home, one of the benefits of an electric fireplace over other fireplaces is the clean energy it uses. Replacing gas and wood, the electric fireplace promotes better air quality indoors and out. 

They are cool to the touch, which is excellent for homes with children and pets, but also great because you can place them close to other appliances and TVs. This would help smaller modern homes where space and design wouldn’t have to be compromised by adding a fireplace.

Through LED technology, the flames have become more realistic than ever, but if you were looking for a fun kick to add to your conversation, there are many which you can change the color on. Blue flames during your dinner party? Yes, please! 


4. Smart Faucet

Most people have now seen or heard of smart faucets which are motion censored. These faucets are typically turned on by waving a hand underneath and stop the water flow when the hand is moved away. They’re great for public restrooms and keeping your faucet clean when cooking in the kitchen. But have you heard of a faucet with voice commands? 

There are now faucets with voice control that allow for hands-free activation to turn the faucet on or off, pour specific measurements in ounces, cups, milliliters, quarts, liters, or gallons, and even allows you to create preset amounts. 

Just say, “Fill my coffee pot,” and it knows the exact amount to fill. Say you’re filling a large pot and go to the next room, forgetting to turn the water off; this smart faucet will automatically turn off after 4 minutes of running.

It also pairs with your smart home devices, like Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri. The faucet’s mobile app can help monitor water consumption and send an alert if there is an unusual flow, possibly detecting a costly leak.


5. Tulip Bath/Shower

The Tulip tub is a pod structure that has a sleek futuristic appeal to it. Inspired by the blossom of a tulip, the unit opens up just like the flower and doubles as a shower and bathtub. Its slender shape makes it ideal for people living in smaller spaces.

When using upright for a shower, the design seals to prevent splashing and contains steam. Despite its smaller footprint, luxuries are not lost in this design once the pod is opened. When using the Tulip as a tub, it includes a high-powered massager, underwater jets, and a whirlpool feature, making for a truly spa-like experience. 


The Future of Technology in Our Homes

living room themed decoration

living room themed decoration

In the next decade, experts say we’ll move from operating the lights with our voices to the total immersion of artificial intelligence and homes learning the owner’s needs, eventually even anticipating them. Knowing what lights to dim and when, for example, or even ordering your prescriptions when you are low. 

We’ve seen the robotic vacuum, but we are now on our way to also seeing robotic convertible furniture for use depending on the time of day and activity, robots that slowly roam around your home to detect intruders, notify you of harmful emissions, even keep watch of pets when you’re away, and robotic arms to help in the kitchen. 

Of course, with many of these items connecting to wifi, there is a concern for hackers and stolen privacy. Government regulation is in the works for these kinds of events, and security implementation is an ultimate priority. 

However, the convenience and time-saving features make day-to-day life easier. Adding futuristic gadgets to your home can make it modern and keep it functioning at the highest possible level. So keep your eye out for that next great gadget to take you further into the future.







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