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Home Improvement Ideas With Composite Decking For Small Backyard

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backyard (1)

Suppose you are looking for some quality home improvements by making the most of your compact backyard space; composite decking can prove to be a fantastic idea.

Wood composite is becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners as a great wood alternative flooring material. 

One of its many important benefits is the possibility of using it both for indoor and outdoor purposes. This flexibility and versatility in being used in multiple ways are why it has become the ideal flooring solution in most homes.

You should also use composite decking in your home because they offer great value for money. The decking boards have fine details and soft finishing that can be aesthetically pleasing and add a bit of luxurious ambience to your home’s exterior. 

They also offer premium durability, and if you choose the boards for your backyard flooring, you don’t have to worry about renovations for at least 20 years.

Composite decking is also great for making your small backyard space look bigger than it is. 

Here, we will look at the different ways of using the decking boards as a home improvement material, especially if you have a small backyard.

1. Multi-Coloured Contemporary Deck

Composite decking can be a perfect way to improve your home’s small backyard. The decking boards come in varieties of vibrant colours that can add life to your outdoor.

Consider multi-coloured decks if you want to take the colourful allure of the decking boards to a different level. A multi-coloured deck, like grey decking and dark grey decking, can give your backyard flooring an interesting appeal. 

Not only will this give your backyard a luxurious ambience, but it is also a great way to make small spaces look bigger. 

You can achieve the look in several ways, but one of the easiest ways is to stain batches of composite decking boards in three or four different colours. Mix and match the vibrant and natural colours of the boards as you install the deck.


2. Ground Level Deck

Ground-level decks are ideal for improving the aesthetics of compact backyard spaces. You can leverage the trees in your backyard by building the decking area around them to provide space to grow. 

The added shade will make your backyard appear bigger and also be a perfect spot to cool off with a glass of lemonade.

When building a ground-level deck, adding heights with built-in planters and seating areas can be great.


3. Create Outdoor Dining Area Space with Composite Decking

As small as you think your backyard is, if you create a small space for a dining area, it will look even bigger! 

Your outdoor kitchen or dining does not have to be elaborate, but a place where guests and family can eat while unwinding in the cool evening breeze with a glass of wine.

With composite decking boards underfoot, you will be providing a custom deck that provides an ideal way to add an entertaining space even when you host a small party. 

You can situate this off your main living room, with French doors always open when guests are expected or in the backyard.


4. Build Fire-Place Into Your Deck

Building an outdoor linear fireplace means you can stay and enjoy your home's outdoors even until late and early hours. You will also be able to stay warm and enjoy your garden’s splendid view during cold months.

The versatility of composite decking ensures it is possible to build a fireplace into your backyard deck.

Despite being small, adding a fire pit will make your backyard look bigger, elegant, and opulent. 


5. Shapeshift your Decking Boards 

Besides ground-level decks, another fantastic way to make the most of a small backyard is by shapeshifting the decking boards.

Rectangular boards are the most common types used for flooring, but you can switch things up with octagonal or hexagonal shapes. 

Shapeshifting your garden’s composite deck also helps you make room for cut-outs like flowerbeds, potted plants, oversized plants, water features, amongst many others. 

The added features and cut-outs added to your decking can make your small backyard look bigger. They will also add traditional charm and modern exuberance to your garden.


6. Add Steps

A multi-level deck can also be instrumental to your efforts of maximising backyard space. 

You can consider incorporating steps into your backyard deck and dotting the surroundings with potted plants that create an attractive focal point adding to the multi-levelled decking area's flow.

Raising your deck by adding steps will give guests and family members the illusion that they are transitioning from a space to another, making everyone think the backyard is bigger than it is.







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