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How To Create A Beautiful Backyard With Decking Boards And Decking Lights

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friends hanging on deck

friends hanging on deck

As much as decking boards can completely revamp your backyard and make it beautiful and elegant, wait until you see how decking lights can accentuate the look.

Deck lights are a fantastic way to illuminate your backyard and extend your outdoor living experience beyond sundown.

You can set your deck apart in many ways. From running strands of bulbs in a grooved channel under the nosing to installing lighting grates in the rise of your stairs, there are many options available to create a lovely backyard with decking boards.

The beauty of deck lights lies in their subtlety. They are not blazingly overwhelming your nighttime experience, but they can set the mood for a perfect evening under the moonlight and up until the early mornings.

Nowadays, taking your living space to the exterior parts of your house are very on-trend. Decking boards and lights can make your outside experience a lot better and transform your backyard into your favourite destination.

Here are a few decking boards with decking lights ideas that can inspire you to create your dream backyard.

Recessed Deck Lighting

You can illuminate deck risers with recessed deck lights. The soft light can transform your backyard into the perfect entertainment scenery for families and loved ones.

This type of deck lights can be used for an outdoor spa in your backyard (if you have one) or hot tub decks.

The recessed lighting is made from waterproof LED tapes. These are sold in strips of various lengths, and you can easily cut them to fit the size of your decking boards.

LED Deck Lights

These are innovative in-deck lights that can be embedded into your decking boards for the ultimate ambient feeling. They are aesthetically pleasing and ensure you do not trip while walking in the dark.

In-deck lights can also be installed at the edges of your deck to give you and your guests a visual cue of where to walk in the night.

Although they may cost a lot upfront, they are cost-effective in the long run considering their durability and how they can last a lot longer than filament bulbs.

Poolside Deck Lighting

If you have a pool in your backyard, adding decking boards with deck lights is a fantastic way to transform the area into your favourite spot.

Lighting your pool with globes and installing in-deck lights into your decking boards can inject an air of luxury and turn your backyard into a resort-like destination.

Deck Stair Lights

A soft glow in your stairs can prevent stumbles. Recessed deck stair lights are also attractive and can increase your home's curb appeal, especially when you use them on stairs that link your home with the backyard.

Solar Lights

For those who get a lot of sun in their location, you can also light your backyard decking boards up with solar lights.

Solar lights are very cost-effective and are also a nice DIY option for handy homeowners. They are also great in making your backyard look plush and lavish when they are placed low on the ground offsetting oversized potted plants and shrubs.

String Lights

If you want to inject the festive feeling and make even the smallest gathering on your outdoor deck feel like a vacation, then string lights are the ideal option.

You can either hang them vertically or get creative with a bohemian look and allow them to drape along a wall.

Post Lights

Lighting posts up is an ideal way to illuminate stairs that lead to your backyard deck and offer lighting to your line of sight.

They are also visually appealing and can, in fact, set the mood for a romantic night under the starry skies.

Whether you choose the LED variety or the solar-powered ones, lighting post caps can provide light to your deck.

Great lighting is crucial to a lovely outdoor experience. With the soft finishing and fine details of decking boards, deck lights can set the mood for your comfort and relaxation in your backyard.

Relax with your favourite wine while you unwind under the starry and moonlit sky.





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