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Garage Door Repair Tips: 6 Signs It Needs Fixing

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repairing garage door

repairing garage door

A garage is one of the best investments any homeowner can make. Sure, building one requires money, but this project is worth every dollar as a garage can provide additional storage, protect vehicles, and increase your home’s value. A garage can also be utilized as a workshop space, perfect for individuals who want to work in peace and keep their homes clean. 

However, you won't be able to enjoy your garage if your garage door is broken. Instead of improving the quality of your life, a broken garage door can become the reason why your family's safety will be compromised and your valuables will be prone to theft. A damaged garage door can also cause stress and inconvenience to the household. 

You can prevent these issues from surfacing by hiring a garage door repair Loveland Co and anywhere else in the world the moment you notice these signs:

1. Door Won't Open Or Close

One of the reasons why a garage is useful is because it prevents intruders from entering your home, thereby keeping your family and valuables safe. Your garage can work as an additional storage space. Also, having a fully functioning garage door will put your mind at ease knowing that all of your valuables are safe.

However, your garage door won't be able to provide this purpose if the door doesn't open and close. Continuing to use a garage door that doesn't open or close whenever you use the control buttons will only put your valuables and family at risk. A garage door that doesn’t close even after pressing the button, for example, will make it easy for thieves to enter your home. Keep in mind that the garage is usually connected to other areas of your home. Hence, an open garage door can serve as an invitation for thieves to infiltrate your home and steal.

If you've been noticing that your garage door doesn't open and close anymore, it's high time that you call professionals to have it repaired. This problem is often caused by a bad connection between your control panel and garage door, and should be repaired fast to prevent it from affecting other areas of your garage door. 


2. Slow Response Time

You won't be able to maximize your garage if its door only brings inconvenience to your daily routine. How can you enjoy your investment if your garage door only causes delays whenever you attempt to get your car out from your garage?  Do you think you can start your day with a positive mood if this is your usual scenario?

Observe how fast (or slow) the response time is when you open or close a garage door. If you have to wait for at least one minute for it to work after pressing any buttons in the control panel, your garage door might have a problem. Rather than wait for it to respond to your commands, you should also do the same if you noticed that things can get easier when you manually open a garage door.

Have your garage door inspected by pros the moment you notice that it's working slower than usual. Garage doors with slow response time can usually worsen and cause more damage when not fixed right away. 

automatic garage door

automatic garage door

3. Door Makes Excessive Noise

Your garage door is run by motors, which is why hearing sounds whenever you open and close it is normal. The sounds you hear whenever you open or close your garage door is a sign that the motors under it are working. However, when your garage door produces excessive noise when in use, that's another story. Straining or creaking sounds can indicate that the spring in your garage door is loose, or the opener backer is damaged. Hearing excessive noise whenever you open and close your garage door may also mean that certain parts inside the motor are loose or have fallen out.

Save yourself time from guessing the cause of the problem by calling professionals as soon as possible. Never attempt to fix a garage door that makes excessive noise as this can only worsen the problem and cost you more money in the long run. 


4. Increasing Energy Bills

Your garage door serves as an entryway to your house, and how it functions can affect your energy consumption. If you've been noticing an increase in your energy bills despite having the same appliances and using them in the same frequency, it's best if you call professionals to have your garage doors repaired. 

Newer versions of garage doors are more energy-efficient. Investing in these garage doors can help lower your energy bills, allowing you to save money in the long run. An energy-efficient garage door can also help maintain your home's HVAC system because it helps keep your home cooler for longer periods. 

Moreover, having your garage door replaced or repaired will also bring more comfort to the entire household as everyone can fully enjoy the air produced by your home’s HVAC system. This is because a brand new garage door will shut properly, preventing air from your AC unit to escape outdoors.


5. Broken Or Loose Cords And Wires

As mentioned, your garage door is a motor, thus it needs cords and wires to function. The more complex your garage door is, the more cords and wires it requires in order to function. 

Even if your garage door is still fully functional, once you notice any broken or loose cords and wires, call professionals to have it repaired. Loose cords can be very dangerous as these can snap anytime and cause the motor of your garage door to die. Broken wires, on the other hand, can cause inconvenience as these can make your remote control useless. 

Loose cords and wires can also become a safety hazard, causing slip and fall accidents to the family. This is especially true if you live with children and seniors who love to spend time in your garage.

You can prevent these from happening by calling professionals to have your garage door repaired. Just because your garage door is still moving even when you're seeing loose cords and wires around it doesn't mean that you should be complacent. Moreover, you should never attempt to repair these problems on your own as this can only compromise your safety.  


6. Door Is Sagging

Garage doors that produce excessive noise or take a lot of time to respond can be detected by homeowners easily. However, not all homeowners spend a lot of time to look at the overall condition of their garage doors. For them, as long as their garage doors open and close, there's no need to call pros for repairs. However, this isn't always true. 

As a homeowner, you should regularly inspect the appearance of your garage door to check if it's starting to sag. A sagging garage door might still work, but leaving this problem unaddressed for long periods can dull your tracks and rollers, and wear out the tension spring of your garage door. In worse cases, a sagging garage door can even lose its balance and cause injuries to you, your family, vehicle, and pets. 

When left unaddressed, a sagging garage door can worsen over time, requiring you to buy brand new garage doors.

When you notice that your garage door starts to sag, regardless of how small you think the problem is, have it repaired right away. You'll be spending less money if you have your garage door repaired as soon as possible. 


Act Now 

Your garage is your investment, which is why you should make sure that all of its elements work perfectly. You'll be putting money down the drain if you continue to use a garage with a broken garage door. The longer you leave this problem unaddressed, the more money you'll have to pay for its repair or replacement.  







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