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7 Garage Shelving Tips To Make You Actually *Like* Your Garage

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garage shelves tools

garage shelves tools

Garages are the best places to store items that are not regularly used. You can make your home look clean by clearing up space and organizing items in the garage where they can be easily accessible. Shelving is the most important technique of storing items. It helps you free up space on the floor and stacks your items on the shelves. In this way, your garage floor will look tidy, and less congested. Garage shelving systems come in a variety of configurations and types. By following these tips, you can get rid of the clutter and like your cleaner garage more. These tips are as following:

Prefer Wall Shelves to Floor Storage

Many garages offer more vertical space than horizontal or floor space. Since garages are the hub of storage for items; we can use vertical space through wall-mounted shelving systems. You can take shelves as high as possible. These are usually metal shelves, sturdier for our bulky items like baskets and heavy tubs.


  • Use Metallic Shelves

Metal shelving units are an alternative to wall-mounted shelves. These help you if you cannot have more hanging shelves on the walls. These are metal, movable shelves that can be taken away with you in case you leave your rented house. These shelves can be placed in your basement or your garage. These are strong and can hold tons of weight.


  • Place Frequently Used Items in Lower Shelves

Garages help us to make every storage item accessible. However, when items are abundant, it becomes difficult to have everything at arm’s length. You should be very strategic in planning. Place the regularly or often-used items on the lower shelves so that they are easy to reach. This way, you will not need a ladder or stool to grab them.


  • Special Shelves for Sports Equipment

If you have kids or young children at home who often play hockey or other sports, their sweaty and smelly equipment must have irritated you. You can place this equipment away from your sight in the garage. Lower shelves in a separate portion of a garage can store these items.


  • Place Shoes and Boots above Floor

Muddy and dirty shoes and boots can emit a very ugly smell if they are placed on the floor with other items. If these shoes are not regularly used, you can place these shoes and joggers on the vertical shelves. Stack them properly and place them adjacent to one another. Put these off the floor and place them in a single bin, to say the least. Before closing those in boxes, make sure you leave them out in the sun to remove any smell.


  • Add Labels for Easy Access

Labeling is the best way to find and recognize your desired items in the stock of plenty of other things. Labeling is a creative and helpful way to organize items on your shelves. You can place baskets on the shelves and specify these baskets for certain items. For later use, you can add labels to these baskets. This will help you get desired items from shelves easily, and you can put items back where they belong.


  • Open Baskets for Frequently Used Items

There are certain things that we use frequently but these things do not belong in your living or dining rooms. These can be sports equipment like balls, bats, helmets, and other essentials. You can place open baskets on your wall shelves inside your garage. Label them with the sports equipment they contain. This will help your kids to easily access them from the garage whenever they go for sports in a hurry.







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